Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - September 4th, 2012

I can't believe it's September already. That is a mantra that has been repeating itself in my head all weekend and today. Fitting, as today's topic is Ten Things You Love About September. Here we go!

1. The leaves turning colours

2. The 'back to school' excitement in the air (especially now that I'm not one of the ones going back to school!)

3. The buzz of activity as the city wakes up after a long summer vacation.

4. The fresh produce that comes from a summer of hard work in the garden (courtesy of my mom!)

5. Thanksgiving. There's just something about that holiday - something about looking back and reflecting on everything that you are thankful for while surrounding yourself by loved ones... amazing.

6. Cooler evenings. It's still warm enough during the day that you don't need a coat, and in the evening it cools down enough that you can go for a run without getting bogged down by the heat - love it.

7. Blankets, movies, and staying home. In the summer it is go-go-go... we are rarely at home, and rarely do we sit down and enjoy some time together. In the fall things start to wind down and we are home more often, lending itself to more 'us' time.

8. Halloween is coming! Halloween is a big deal in our house. We start planning immediately following the last Halloween, but the plans start to actually come to fruition in September.

9. Christmas is coming! Can you tell that I love holidays? Nothing can beat being surrounded by loved ones.

10. Fall cleaning. I don't really spring clean - spring is a time for me that is just full. In the fall I am back in the house and see the dust that has accumulated over the summer, and every year a sort of fever comes over me - it's time to clean and nest down for the winter.

What are your favorite things about September?

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