Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - July 31st, 2012

Today's Ten on Tuesday was a difficult one for me to write. It isn't that I never do any good deeds... far from it. It is simply that I don't make a habit of documenting my good deeds, and I promptly forget about them.

So, here are some that I assume I've done in the past week, however I cannot vouch for what day, how many times, and how often. Today's list is about the little things.

1. Hold the door open for someone.

2. Let another car into traffic.

3. Let someone go in line ahead of me at the grocery store.

4. Recycled...

5. I bought my husband sandals. He was going to go camping in runners. And socks.

6. Brought the cats over to see our next door neighbour, who is 96 and still living on her own. She was very happy to be able to see them.

7. Forsook Boot Camp because my friend looked WAY too tired for it, and was. She barely survived the walk we went on instead ;)

8. Returned a water bottle who accidentally dropped it and didn't notice because her earphones in. (Ok, technically I saw it and grabbed it, then gave it to my husband and told him to run after her... but my hip was sore, otherwise I would have ran it to her myself. So that counts, right?)

9. Paid for the coffee of the person behind me in the drive-thru line :)

10. Premade all of the food for our camping trip - believe me it wasn't necessary, but it was great to have camping foil packs of food ready to cook in the coals while we were there as opposed to just hot dogs, and I think the husband enjoyed it too :)


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