Thursday, July 12, 2012


I need to focus. I need to pick my weight loss efforts back up, shake the dust that has started to accumulate off of them, and start to dig my feet in again.

There are hundreds of excuses I can think of. I've been too busy. It's too hot out. I've been doing what I can.

Remember back when I was training for the 10K, when I told myself NO excuses, I'm not going to miss a run? Well somewhere along the line that faltered. Maybe it was the transition from running back into the normal gym routine. Maybe it was the "Summer vacation" mindset. Maybe it is because I have become too blasé about the whole thing. Maybe it is a combination of all of the factors.

No matter what it is, I need to get my focus back. I promised myself that by next summer, I'll be in a bikini. I would much rather feel confident in that bikini than need the feel to hide my stomach.

I have committed to running the Heartbeat 10K in September. I want to beat my last time. To do that, I will have to (surprise, surprise), train.

Here comes the promises part. The goals. The commitments.

1. I commit to measuring my food, and counting the calories. I will return to my daily calorie journal to assist in this endeavor.

2. I commit to exercising a minimum of 3x per week, no matter my location. This can come in the form of gym, biking, rollerblading, hiking, running, (extremely) long walks, etc. I will not consider it exercise if I don't feel that it is enough to have a positive impact on my weightloss/health journey.

3. I commit to being brutally honest in my weight loss journey. I have created a "sister" blog to this one, which will become my weight loss/journey to health blog. A link has been added in the side panel of this blog so that you can all get to it.

3.1 I will provide a "workout" update at the end of every week, detailing what I have done that week.

3.2 At the end of every day (or the next day that I have internet access if I am away from home), I will provide "photo proof" of what I have eaten that day. A visual diary, if you please. This should help me make more conscious decisions before I put anything in my mouth.

3.3 At the same time I will post my actual weight as of that morning. No more 'how much I've lost'. I'll be straight up and honest about where I stand.

4. When Gilles returns to school, I will do a seven day cleanse, followed by a restricted diet program featuring a pre-planned menu for the two-month duration.

I AM going to get there. Please consider following my sister blog. Your encouraging messages will help me get there.


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