Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - May 29th, 2012

Today's 10 on Tuesday is 10 Goals for this Summer.

Those who know me well know that while I may not have actually vocalized them to anyone, or sometimes even to myself, I always have lots of goals at any time. Some are accomplishment based and others are simply to force me to relax - here are some of them.

1. Continue to maintain a 4 workout per week schedule. I'm giving this week a by because of the race, but for each other week I want to continue exercising 4 or more times. This means that I will follow the 4x/wk schedule that I set, and that if I miss a workout for any reason, I have to make it up within the same week.

2. Go camping at least 3x. I'd love to go camping more, but don't know if it will happen this year with Gilles (potentially) changing jobs, etc. But I don't want to go less than 3x. Two are already scheduled, and two more are in the air so I want to make sure that it happens.

3. Catch a fish. It's been forever since I've gone fishing and actually caught something. Even if it is just on the shores of the river in the city here, I would like to catch something this year.

4. Harvest vegetables from my garden. Last year I ran out of time for gardening around the same time as my wedding, so the garden suffered. I'm hoping to pull it through to fruition this year.

5. Lose another 10lbs. It sounds like a lot, but considering the amount that I'm exercising and the fact that there are still 3months until the end of summer, I am hoping that it is a reasonable goal.

6. Go to an outdoor pool. This seems like a weird goal, but I love being able to go swimming with the sun beating down on me - and despite the fact that my gym membership includes admission to a few outdoor pools in the city, far too many summers have been going by since I moved here that I haven't swam outdoors.

7. Get a tan. Again, an odd one for a goal, but I love me some nice bronze skin and am not willing to get it by fake and baking. So, the browner I can get over the summer, the longer into the winter it will last :)

8. Finish at least one craft project - hopefully Gilles' mom's scarf - I keep starting that one and frogging it, because I can't decide what pattern I want to use :P

9. Become a regular at the farmer's market. I've gone there a few times, but not nearly enough. The food is so much better, and it's such a great atmosphere.

10. Learn how to rollerblade. This has been on my list for at least 3 years now, and I'm determined that this will be the year that I learn, even if it means that I teach myself instead of Gilles teaching me. I even bought the knee and elbow pads last year (Now I just need to find some gloves...)


  1. Oh I have to swim outside too this year!
    Rollerblading...SOME DAY

  2. I almost included "catch a fish" on my list, too. When it comes right down to it, though, I like the casting much better than the catching! Hope all your goals come true!


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