Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monday Treasures: for April 30th, 2012

Today's Monday Treasures topic is Wedding Shower Gifts.
This one is fun because you can give almost anything as a wedding shower gift, practical or not. Let's go:

1. Fridge Magnets - The Original Animal Magnet

2. Rustic Candles - The Bent Tree Gallery

3. Sampler Quilt - DDTC Designs

4. Custom Glass Rose - Untamed Rose

5. Personalized Wine Bottle Tray - BackGlasswards

6. Hogwarts Etched Glasses - Geeky Glassware

7. Sleeping Beauty Apron - Lover Dovers Clothing

8. Personalized Cutting Board - Taylor Crafts


  1. What a nice group of items! Thank you, Chantelle, for including our rustic candle holders from Etsy!!! Marcia

  2. Awesome!

    Thank you for including our Animal Magnets.


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