Monday, April 23, 2012

Blog Back-up

Apologies for the absence.

I will be back soon, and bring all of the missing posts riding in my wake, worry not!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pin of the Week - April 12th, 2012

Now that I know for sure that I'm lactose intolerant, I have started looking for recipes that are actually lactose free, that I don't have to substitute non-lacto ingredients for. Here's one that looks great that is lactose free, gluten free, egg free, and vegan.

(click on picture for more)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - April 10th, 2012

Today's topic is an interesting one - 10 ways to serve eggs.

I have a feeling that most people will have similar answers to this, so I'll see what odd (to my usual) ways to eat eggs I can find online :)

1.  Beet Pickled Eggs

2. Breakfast Pizza

3. Chicken Fried Eggs

4. Huevos Haminados

5. Pork & Egg Pie

6. Egg Chaat (looks delicious!)

7. Balsamic Pickled Eggs

8. Nettle Soup with Eggs & Herbs

9. Thai Fried Hardboiled Eggs

10. Green Eggs & Ham (of course!)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday Treasures: April 9th, 2012

Happy Easter Monday everyone!

Since we already did the Easter post last week, today's post will focus on: (drumroll please...) 16th Birthday! (Or new to a license :) )


1. License Plate Star by Old Red Barn

2. License Plate Bookmark by PeachyDesigns

3. Sweet Sixteen Birthday Banner by Lazy Caterpillar

4. Grey Slouchy Beret by Quite Crafty

5. I Love You More Keychain (Great to help against drinking and driving!) by theCopperPoppy

6. Spiny Shell Keychain by The Seventh Courier

7. Autobot Vinyl Decal by April's Custom Crafts

8. Skittles Charm Bracelet by Sweet Treats Jewelry

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter :)

Have a great Easter Weekend everyone! Don't forget to check out Monday Treasures: 16th Birthday on Monday! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

10K Training: Checkin for.... March 27th & 29th, April 4th.

Okay, apparently I'm in denial. Maybe I've known that I've been "forgetting" to check in, but have been pretending that I'm actually forgetting. Maybe I don't want to believe that there could actually be something hindering me from completing my goals, outside of my own laziness. Maybe I'm really frustrated at the whole thing and just want my body to either shut down completely or cooperate completely.

I suppose I should explain myself.

The last post, I was talking about having shooting pains in my right foot. I assumed at the time that it was annoying but would be gone by Friday - just under a week from when it happened (Sunday March 25th). I missed Zumba the next day, because I was limping to walk on it. No matter how much I tried to massage the pain out, it was still there.

Tuesday night I did some research online to try to figure out what was wrong. I drew my own conclusion that it was a knot in a a muscle called the peroneus brevis - this was the only answer that made sense to me at this point.

Wednesday, we went to the gym but only did upper body and core. My foot was still bothering me, but it had receded some.

Thursday, I went to the massage therapist. She mostly worked out my calves (which were apparently dangerously tight), but she also did a bit of work on my foot - and there was no knot in my foot. I knew it couldn't be muscular when she was massaging it as well, because my calves were screaming in pain from her massage, but it didn't bother my foot at all. The massage therapist rebooked me for Tuesday (April 3rd), and suggested that if it was still sore by that point that it may be a joint issue, and that she would refer me to a chiropractor.

Friday my calves were super-sore from my massage Thursday. My foot seemed to be okay, but I was nervous about it. I skipped my workout altogether.

Saturday I couldn't feel any pain in my foot at all. One week. I was feeling good about it.

Sunday it was pouring when I woke up, but I was bound and determined to run. We managed a lucky break - the rain let up at about the same time we started our run. I made it about 1 mile before my foot starting bothering me. At about 1.5-1.75 miles (I don't know exactly), I had to stop running. My foot was screaming.

Monday my foot was still hurting from Sunday's run - I even had a mild limp again. I missed Zumba.

Tuesday my foot was feeling better for the most part - I could still definitely feel it when I put my weight on it, but it didn't hurt per say.

Wednesday was the same as Tuesday. I could feel an 'achyness' when I put weight on my foot but it wasn't a sharp pain. We opted to go for a walk instead of a run, in hopes that it would be a little bit easier on it (and it meant the boys would be willing to come too). We walked just over 2 miles, and while my foot was sore at the end, it wasn't the sharp pain that would have accompanied a run of equal distance.

I'm hoping that my foot will be healed by the time I get back from Easter on Monday, and that I can continue on with my normal life, and not worry about going to the chiropractor or anything like that. Do you think that this is a false hope?

Pin of the Week - April 5th, 2012

Today's Pin is something that is so obvious that the picture speaks for itself... yet I still have it linked to a website for more information of course! I can't believe I didn't think of this myself...

(Click on picture for more)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - April 3rd, 2012

Today's Ten on Tuesday follows the Easter theme... 10 of your Favorite Side Dishes to Serve at a Family Meal. I'm going to base this around the foods that are served at a traditional turkey dinner with my family - every food listed is usually at the meal.

1. Corn - I don't know why I always gravitate towards corn. Maybe it's because it is easy to cook, and is always in abundance.

2. Salad - Tossed salad, caesar salad, whatever. A big meal isn't complete without it.

3. Stuffing - It's usually the Stovetop stuffing kind, but that's okay because everyone loves it.

4. Potatoes - Mashed, with butter and a bit of pepper.

5. Gravy - Potatoes' best friend.

6. Olives - Okay, maybe this didn't deserve to sit quite this high but I really like olives.

7. Cranberries - Sometimes out of the can, sometimes homemade.

8. Tomato Aspic - With baby shrimp

9. Dill pickles - or garlic pickles

10. Meat pie - otherwise known as Tourtiere.

That was way too easy! I look forward to seeing your lists!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Treasures - April 2nd, 2012

Darn, and we missed April Fool's day by one day! Alas. Instead of April Fool's jests, you get a real post. Today does showcase a holiday whose celebrations often include many crafts however... Enjoy!

1. Blue Pysanka Goose Easter Egg by Ukrainian Easter Eggs

2. Easter Bunny Ears Headband by urBunny

3. Snoopy Easter Earrings by Murals4U

4. Easter Tutu Set by Little Goodie Tutus

5. Magical Dragon Eggs by Weethings and More

6. Easter Chick Cake Balls by My Cake Pop Shop

7. Bunny Rabbit One-piece by Kakabaka

8. Dainty Cross Bracelet by Lillyput Lane Design Co.

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