Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Treasures - March 5, 2012

Hi everyone! Sticking with the 'colour' theme that I'm sure you are more than used to now, today's colour is teal! This is a colour that seems to slip in and out of fashion. I know that last year it was definitely in... and I think it is making a resurgence with spring? Enjoy.

1. Teal and Tan Bikini by Caramiya

2. Teal Tourmaline Halo Ring by CrowsNestMountain

3. Upcycled Teal Frames by BeautiShe

4. Peacock Teal Shoes by Paris xox

5. Peacock Teal Necklace by CrystalFascination

6. Tiny Teal Sparrow Necklace by Oh Deer! Creations

7. Teal Etched Easter Egg by Teener1416

8. Teal Rockabilly Swing Dress by Priscilla Dawn


  1. Nice colors!

    Thank-You for featuring my Peacock shoes!

    Parisxox by Arbie Goodfellow

  2. Just beautiful! Love the choices :) Thanks so much for including my necklace!


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