Monday, March 12, 2012

10K Training: Checkin for March 7th, 9th and 11th.

This week was designed to give our legs a little bit of a break before increasing distance again. The schedule was for 3 miles Monday, 2 miles Wednesday, and 3 miles Friday. As described in my last post, Monday's 3 miles were a little bit... well, they didn't go great.

Wednesday came around, and my whole body was very stiff. Apparently I had used a lot of new muscles in that Zumba class! I was in no mood to do any running... between lack of sleep and stiffness all I wanted to do was go to bed early. That said, we settled on going for a walk around the river. At the time, we had no idea how long that walk would get us to, but when I calculated it at home later that evening, I found that we had walked exactly 2 miles! (Talk about serendipitous).

On Friday we had a 3 mile run scheduled. In an effort to "lock in" the running style that Lisa had helped me with on Monday, we ran quite slow - however, I ran the "new style" for the full mileage on Friday.

The "slowdown" week was good for more than one thing. Not only did it give our legs a chance to recuperate a little, it also gave me a chance to look at what we were doing and make some rationalizations. Essentially, it was getting to the point that we were spending as much as 3 hours at the gym a night or more, and it was only going to become more and more time. It was time to look at priorities.

Because the run is coming up in May and I am still a long way from getting to the point I need to be, I decided that running will come first. So, bootcamp is bumped out of the schedule until after the 10K. Wednesdays will be running alone. (Bootcamp is from 6:45-8PM, so while we were able to run before bootcamp before, to run increased distance would mean that the run would have to take place afterward, leaving us at the gym until quite late).

I wasn't willing to give up Zumba (it is the still the only thing that actually makes me excited about going to the gym), so we won't be running on Mondays anymore. Instead our run is bumped back to Sundays.

So, going forward you can expect:

Sunday= Run
Monday = Zumba
Wednesday = Run
Friday = Run

That said, I didn't want to be behind a day on running as a result of switching over to the new schedule, so I dragged myself to the gym Sunday morning. I went with the knowledge that - despite 4 miles being scheduled (what I would have been running Monday), I wouldn't be doing that. I wanted to run 2 miles, focusing on increasing my speed and lengthening my stride. I think I did pretty well, although I forgot to check the time when I started so I don't have any of that information for you. I'm calling it a win though. Sometimes that's the best way to do it anyway, isn't it?

Tonight is Zumba, so the next update won't take place until after Wednesday's run. :)


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