Sunday, March 25, 2012

10K Training: Checkin for March 23rd and 25th.

March 23rd (Friday) - 5 miles

Today was my first time running 5 miles (8km). In all honesty, I wasn't sure that I could do it. After all, my legs had been known to give out on lesser runs, and my lungs had betrayed me before. All signs seemed to be pointing toward not doing it. First I forgot my purse at home, and because I needed to renew my gym membership, I wasn't able to get in. After retrieving my purse from the house, I subsequently forgot it in the car. I wasn't doing this on purpose, I swear.

Eventually we started to run. It would take a total of 36 laps to get to the 5 mile mark.

At 13 laps, I was starting to think that it was quite easy. Only 13 laps to go right? (Mmmm... my math obviously wasn't working at that moment. It was a bit of a hit when I realized that I actually had 23 laps to go. (d'oh!))

I hit the halfway point at 33 minutes. It was going pretty good - I was happy with my progress so far.

I hit the 4 mile mark at 52 minutes. Doing good.

I pushed myself to 2x my speed for the last lap. It was a weird feeling - my legs and butt were both numb, so it felt like I had just started breathing harder and the lower half of my body had just become more jiggly.

And guess what! I did the whole run without listening to any music. Instead of listening to the beat of the music, I listened to the rhythm of my own breathing - and used that to guide my running speed. Lisa was also running the opposite direction - meaning that we were able to "cheer each other on" while we ran - definitely a good motivator.

I completed five miles in 1 hour, 4 minutes.

March 25th (Sunday) - 5 miles

I was quite stiff on Saturday - mostly in my thighs, which meant that I was running properly at least. I was even more stiff this morning, which worried me a bit for my run. I was also running by myself today, so it was a little bit harder to get the motivation to run to begin with. The plan was to start my run at 10AM, allowing me to return home in time to make lunch. I didn't actually start running until 11AM, but at least I made it. I ran again without music.

I finished the first half of the run in 30 minutes - 3 minutes faster than Friday. I hit the 4 mile mark at 50 minutes. Again, faster than Friday. It was at this point that I hit a wall. My legs didn't want to keep moving. I first tried to combat it by telling myself that it was no matter - I had to finish either way so I might as well push through this. I kept pushing - the wall was still there. Then I used a technique taught to me in high school curling. I visualized what I wanted to happen. I visualized finishing, and faster than Friday.

Finally, I was able to push through it - on the last lap. I doubled my speed for the lap, and finished the 5 miles at a time of 1 hour 5 minutes. One minute slower than Friday. I was happy though, I finished.

My right foot was very sore after my run on Friday. It wasn't blisters this time, or general soreness - it was sore in some of the muscles on the top of my foot - almost to the point of shooting pains. I wondered if it was because I had my runners to tight - I've been tying them as tight as I can to help prevent blisters, so I let off them today. Unfortunately this just exacerbated the problem - after my run today I my foot was even more sore and I had a blister on each foot the size of a loonie to boot.

After I got home and made and ate lunch, I must have sat in an Epsom salt bath for at least an hour. My foot was so sore I could barely walk on it - every time I planted my foot solidly there would be shooting pains.

It has gotten a bit better now - it is more of a dull ache whenever I step on it, unless I twist it wrong. I'm hoping that this is a temporary thing - from using it too much or something like that. Monday is Zumba and Wednesday is 4 miles. Friday is 5 miles again, but I'm hoping that it will be feeling better by then. I'll focus on core and upper body in the days in between.

Two months left until the race!


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