Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10K Training

I mentioned here once before, that I am training (along with my friend Lisa) to run a 10K at the end of May. While I have done this once before, I was not prepared properly last time, and am determined to do it properly this time. So, I put together a running plan. It started January 25th, and includes 3 runs per week (Okay, they are actually jogs in my case...)

Problem is, I keep missing my runs. Out of the 13 I have scheduled, (including todays, which I DID do), I have actually only ran 7. SEVEN! That is barely over half! Of course, I have 'reasons' for missing all of them. I missed three because I was sick, one because there was company over for the evening, one because I was too tired, and one because the gym was closed. So of all of these times I missed, really only being sick was a legitimate excuse. (I knew ahead of time that the company was coming over, so I should have done it on the day before instead, I wasn't really that tired, and technically, I could have gone to the gym first (while it was still open) and got groceries after). So... looking at this from a mileage perspective, I have completed 16 miles, and am owing 15. Yikes.

So, here's where you come in. I have decided to use my place to 'report in' so to speak - to keep me accountable. If you don't want to read these posts, please just ignore them. But for those of you who are interested, you can expect posts on the days (or the day after, depending) indicated on the schedule below!

Here is what my schedule looks like right now:

Owing: 15 miles (whenever possible)

Note: mi means miles, not minutes :)

February 24th - 4mi
February 27th - 3mi
February 29th - 3mi
March 2nd - 4mi
March 5th - 3mi
March 7th - 2 mi
March 9th - 3mi
March 12th - 4mi
March 14th - 3mi
March 16th - 4mi
March 19th - 4mi
March 23rd - 4mi
March 24th - 5mi
March 26th - 5mi
March 30th - 4mi
March 31st - 5mi
April 2nd - 6mi
April 6th - 5mi
April 7th - 4mi
April 9th - 6mi
April 13th - 5mi
April 14th - 4mi
April 16th - 4mi
April 20th - 5mi
April 21st - 6mi
April 23rd - 6mi
April 27th - 5mi
April 28th - 7mi
April 30th - 6mi
May 4th - 5mi
May 5th - 7mi
May 7th - 6mi
May 11th - 5mi
May 12th - 7mi
May 14th - 6mi
May 18th - 5mi
May 19th - 7mi
May 21st - 4mi
May 23rd - 3mi
May 25th - 4mi
May 26th - Raceday!

Whew! I'm tired just looking at this! Especially considering that every Monday we still have Zumba, every Wednesday we have bootcamp, and every Friday we are at the gym. 'Tis the road to health and fitness!


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