Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10K Training - Checkin for Monday February 27th

I'm getting quite frustrated with myself.

The run went great last night - except for that I had to walk it out three times because I couldn't breathe. And that was on top of stopping once to go to the bathroom. Ugh. It took 39.5 minutes to complete the day's 3 miles, which isn't bad, but still felt like a failure. It was also another treadmill day, because the track doesn't open to the public until 6:30. I am wondering if this is why I am struggling too much? Maybe I am focusing too much on the speed readout, and the mileage readout, and pushing against that instead of finding my own speed. It would make sense, as both of my last workouts were on treadmills, and these are the ones I was most frustrated with. We'll see I guess.

By the time I was done my run, my calves were killing me. I am considering going to get them massaged out - as they are becoming more and more of a problem - perhaps this would help. Going to Zumba after the run however, was nice. The music and the instructor kept me pumped up so I was still burning lots of energy... but sometime in the three weeks since I've made it to Zumba, I've gotten into much better shape. A workout that used to be quite difficult for me, now rarely has my breathing increased. This has some to do with that it is a different instructor right now, but a lot of the moves are similar, so I know that I have also improved too. Jumping around was also a great stretch for my calves... it worked out all the tension from running, and they feel great still today. Who knew Zumba could be better for loosening up your calves than soaking in the tub?!


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