Tuesday, February 28, 2012

10K Training - Checkin for Monday February 27th

I'm getting quite frustrated with myself.

The run went great last night - except for that I had to walk it out three times because I couldn't breathe. And that was on top of stopping once to go to the bathroom. Ugh. It took 39.5 minutes to complete the day's 3 miles, which isn't bad, but still felt like a failure. It was also another treadmill day, because the track doesn't open to the public until 6:30. I am wondering if this is why I am struggling too much? Maybe I am focusing too much on the speed readout, and the mileage readout, and pushing against that instead of finding my own speed. It would make sense, as both of my last workouts were on treadmills, and these are the ones I was most frustrated with. We'll see I guess.

By the time I was done my run, my calves were killing me. I am considering going to get them massaged out - as they are becoming more and more of a problem - perhaps this would help. Going to Zumba after the run however, was nice. The music and the instructor kept me pumped up so I was still burning lots of energy... but sometime in the three weeks since I've made it to Zumba, I've gotten into much better shape. A workout that used to be quite difficult for me, now rarely has my breathing increased. This has some to do with that it is a different instructor right now, but a lot of the moves are similar, so I know that I have also improved too. Jumping around was also a great stretch for my calves... it worked out all the tension from running, and they feel great still today. Who knew Zumba could be better for loosening up your calves than soaking in the tub?!

Ten on Tuesday - February 28th, 2012

Today's 10 on Tuesday is Ten Thoughts on This Year's Oscars. I didn't watch them, but that doesn't mean I can't comment, right?!

Here we go. First the actual awards:

1. The Artist. Where did this movie come from? It is the winner in several award categories, yet as far as I know, it didn't actually make it to theatres. (I've never heard of it!) Oh right. It's the Oscars. Long live the underbudgeted niche movies!

2. There were only two original songs in all of the movies this year? I feel bad for the loser.

3. Apparently I really do have to see Hugo. It's been on my list of 'to-see' movies for awhile, but I've been waiting 'til it hits the free listings. Based on how it did, I'm guessing I may have to actually pay to see it now.

Then the outfits:

4. Jennifer Lopez: Why? The dress might have been okay if she let her hair down... but like that it looks way harsh.

5. Gwyneth Paltrow looks like an angel disguised as a human. :)

6. Dresses to match the carpet and white-as-paper skin seemed to be a trend this year. Apparently looking washed up is no longer considered a bad thing, that is, unless you're washed up.

7. Penelope Cruz can probably pull off any dress she wants, but the one she picked certainly did her no harm.

8. I did not recognize Anna Faris. I can't decide if that is a good thing or not.

9. While it would have been more flattering on someone with a bit more of a waist, I love Giuliana Rancic's dress.

10. The Oscars' website may have named Viola Davis as one of the Best Dressed of 2012, but I just don't see it. It looks like she shoved herself into a dress 2 sizes too small.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Treasures - February 27th, 2012

Today's colour is the one that we all love to hate, pink. Fortunately, these items make the colour pink worth all the stigma.

1. Ruffle Bum Diaper Cover by my2lilpixies

2. Pink and Pearl Earrings by BeaPurcell

3. Princess Pink Tutu by FromDiapers2Divas

4. Cherry Blossom Bobbypins by 1PercentInspiration

6. Pink Abalone Cuff Jewelry Set by ClaireElizabeths

7. Pretty in Pink Cake by PaddingforthePea

8. Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet by XanaduCharms

10K Training - Checkin for Friday, February 24th.

I was really fighting the urge to just skip running on Friday night - to the point that I even texted Lisa and said that I wasn't going. Why? Because:

1) It was the first 4 mile day
2) Gilles' 'Welcome Home' party was Saturday (lots of prep work to do!)
3) I just didn't want to.

In the end, I did go. I went to a different gym than usual though, because it is closer to my work and closer to the errands I had to run afterward. That was the 'plus' with the gym. Unfortunately, the 'negative' was that this gym is a lot hotter.

When I did my actual workout, I had three factors working against me, the way I see it:

1. It is a lot hotter in there... so it feels like you are exerting yourself more than you are.
2. My phone was dead so I couldn't listen to my music (I had no idea how much my music spurrs me on! I'll have to rectify this somehow before the day.)
3. I was running on a treadmill instead of a track ('cuz the track is tiny at that gym), so I could see exactly how fast I was going and exactly how far I still needed to go. At lower distances, this seems to be a good thing for me, but it was not doing me any favors on Friday.

SO... what does this all mean? Well, I did complete the 4 miles, but I couldn't get into the right headspace. I ended up walking most of it out, and finished the 4 miles in 58 minutes. Not great. But, at least I went.

I'll be back tomorrow with the check-in for tonight! For the first time ever, I will be doing the run (3mi today) before exercise class instead of after, so we'll see how that changes things. Zumba tonight though! :D

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pin of the Week - February 23rd, 2012

Imagine where I would be without Pinterest?? I certainly wouldn't have seen this TRANSFORMERS ENGAGEMENT RING before! (OMG LOVE) :)

(click on the photo to seem more)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

10K Training

I mentioned here once before, that I am training (along with my friend Lisa) to run a 10K at the end of May. While I have done this once before, I was not prepared properly last time, and am determined to do it properly this time. So, I put together a running plan. It started January 25th, and includes 3 runs per week (Okay, they are actually jogs in my case...)

Problem is, I keep missing my runs. Out of the 13 I have scheduled, (including todays, which I DID do), I have actually only ran 7. SEVEN! That is barely over half! Of course, I have 'reasons' for missing all of them. I missed three because I was sick, one because there was company over for the evening, one because I was too tired, and one because the gym was closed. So of all of these times I missed, really only being sick was a legitimate excuse. (I knew ahead of time that the company was coming over, so I should have done it on the day before instead, I wasn't really that tired, and technically, I could have gone to the gym first (while it was still open) and got groceries after). So... looking at this from a mileage perspective, I have completed 16 miles, and am owing 15. Yikes.

So, here's where you come in. I have decided to use my place to 'report in' so to speak - to keep me accountable. If you don't want to read these posts, please just ignore them. But for those of you who are interested, you can expect posts on the days (or the day after, depending) indicated on the schedule below!

Here is what my schedule looks like right now:

Owing: 15 miles (whenever possible)

Note: mi means miles, not minutes :)

February 24th - 4mi
February 27th - 3mi
February 29th - 3mi
March 2nd - 4mi
March 5th - 3mi
March 7th - 2 mi
March 9th - 3mi
March 12th - 4mi
March 14th - 3mi
March 16th - 4mi
March 19th - 4mi
March 23rd - 4mi
March 24th - 5mi
March 26th - 5mi
March 30th - 4mi
March 31st - 5mi
April 2nd - 6mi
April 6th - 5mi
April 7th - 4mi
April 9th - 6mi
April 13th - 5mi
April 14th - 4mi
April 16th - 4mi
April 20th - 5mi
April 21st - 6mi
April 23rd - 6mi
April 27th - 5mi
April 28th - 7mi
April 30th - 6mi
May 4th - 5mi
May 5th - 7mi
May 7th - 6mi
May 11th - 5mi
May 12th - 7mi
May 14th - 6mi
May 18th - 5mi
May 19th - 7mi
May 21st - 4mi
May 23rd - 3mi
May 25th - 4mi
May 26th - Raceday!

Whew! I'm tired just looking at this! Especially considering that every Monday we still have Zumba, every Wednesday we have bootcamp, and every Friday we are at the gym. 'Tis the road to health and fitness!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ten on Tuesday - February 21st, 2012

Oh, hey it's Tuesday? Well gee... :)

Today's Ten on Tuesday is Ten Tips for Writing a Great Letter. Which believe me, is right down my alley.

Here we go!

1. Start by writing it on the computer. Note that I said start by - depending on your letter, it may be completely rude to print it off and send it - but the computer is a good place to start all the same. The computer allows you to get all of your thoughts 'on paper' so to speak, and allows you to move things around and remove pieces without having to waste an entire eraser, or cramp up your hand.

2. If it is a personal letter, write it out by hand before you send it. I can't stress this enough. In an age of computers and digital type it is of course easier to type and print, but this method has no personality - and it lacks the care and attention that a hand-written letter portrays.

3. Make sure you are using the proper words. It drives me crazy when people don't. For example:

Their = possession
There = place
They're = They are

It's = It is
Its = possession

To = something's relationship with something else (they are going to the market, etc.)
Two = the number after one
Too = reflecting excess

Sorry for the impromptu grammar lesson - but it is a pet peeve, believe me.

4. Think about what you're writing about. There is nothing worse than trying to read half thought-out letters that make no sense whatsoever... Dot your i's and cross your t's before you have people coming back to you wondering what the letter was supposed to say.

5. Decide what you are writing about before you write it. Similar to the last point, take the same concept you would in writing an essay. It helps prevent wordy nothings, and lengthy boring letters.

6. Use sentence case. For the love of God, use sentence case. DO NOT MAKE IT SEEM LIKE YOU ARE YELLING AT YOUR READER! and please do not make it sound like you don't care by putting it all in lowercase. (Am I the only one who reads sentences that are all in lower case with a very monotone 'voice'?)

7. Put a date on it. This seemingly unrelated note is more important than it might seem, especially with the mail system as volatile as it has been this year. You never know if your letters are actually getting to their recipient in the intended order.

8. Proof read. Before you send your letter, be sure to read over it at least once to ensure that there are no spelling

9. Use good paper - a letter written or printed on great stationary will have a much greater impact than one written on dime store see-through printer paper.

10. Summarize. So in summary, write a draft on the computer, write personal letters by hand, use the proper words, ensure your letter makes sense, think about what you are writing, use sentence case, date your letter, proof read, and use good paper. See how easy that is?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Treasures - February 20th, 2012

For those of you who have a holiday today, enjoy the day off! Here in Saskatchewan it is Family Day, but I have heard tell that there are lots of different holidays today - that it's also Family Day in Alberta and Ontario, the it's Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, and that it's President's Day in the U.S! For those of you who do not have a holiday today, I hear tell that it is also 'Hoodie-Hoo' day - I found the following definition: "This holiday is celebrated in an interesting way. At high noon everyone yells "Hoodie-Hoo" to chase away winter and make way for spring." Definitely a fun break!

We may have reached the "end of the rainbow", but we aren't out of colours yet. Today's Monday Treasures come to you in the colour (or absence of colour), white. Enjoy!

1. Ceramic White Owl Planter by Claylicious

2.  Baby Bonnet by Aunt B's Bonnets

3. Organza Flower Fascinator by Sophisticated Floral

4. White Lace Armwarmers by Dark Fusion Boutique

5. Tooth Pillow Buddy by Hannalah Designs

6. Personalized Bridal Hanger by Lynn Claire

7. Enamel Canisters by Rue Des Louvres 

8. Custom Gilded Dove Ring Bearer Bowl by Paloma's Nest


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pin of the Week - February 16, 2012

I chose today's, just because it made me smile :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Do you have anything special planned today?

Gilles and I "celebrated" over the weekend (aka exchanged gifts and then he went on to study). I bought him a heart and lock metal puzzle (this was the "romantic" part of the gift)...

... and a Magic play mat.

And Gilles gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers :)

Happy Valentine's Day, and I hope you are able to spend it with a loved one, be it your partner, friends, or family.

Ten on Tuesday - February 14th, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today's Ten on Tuesday certainly suits the holiday - your Ten Favorite Chocolate Treats! Here we go:

1. Lindt Lindor truffles

2. Belgian Seashell Chocolates

3. Chocolate Cheesecake

4. Chocolate Mousse

5. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

6. Double Chocolate Brownies

7. Rolo Ice Cream

8. Chocolate Lava Cake

9. Chocolate Milkshake

10. Hot Chocolate

Monday, February 13, 2012

Minus 20

So, since November 30th, I have lost 20 lbs. I sit here nodding at the computer. Yup, I've lost the weight. I can't decide if it feels like a victory though.

See, 20 lbs puts me at a weight of 200 lbs. So on one hand I am a lot lighter than I was. But on the other hand I am a lot heavier than I should be.

I am gaining self-confidence. I am starting to feel more comfortable in my own body. I notice guys looking at me, in a way that I haven't been looked at (aside from by Gilles) in a long time. I am starting to lean away from the baggy clothes that hide everything, and more towards form-fitting clothes that allow me to look like a woman. Maybe that is my victory.

I remember when I first hit 200 lbs. It was 2009. I was just starting my first office job, and didn't care much what I ate. While I didn't eat fast food "regularly", I probably ate a 'combo' every two weeks or so. I started counting calories for the first time, and while I didn't do very well at it at first, I eventually got down to 180 lbs. Since then, I have slowly gained back weight... back to what I was at, and more. This time the main culprit wasn't fast food - it was portion sizing. So... I have been counting calories again, and through January and February I have been following a pre-determined low-cal meal plan - taking advantage of Gilles being gone to school.

Now, as I mentioned before, I have reached the 20 lbs lost mark. And because I have been here before, at 20 lbs lost, and not kept it off at all, (and especially considering that this 20 lbs lost is the weight that I first started dieting for my other 20 lbs lost), I just can't seem to get my head in the right place. That I am getting there.

All I can focus on is that I want to be smaller. My ultimate goal. It isn't about the small goals any more. It's about the big one. The 85 lbs one. Maybe that is good.

But Gilles will be back to living with me in a couple of weeks. I will continue the meal plan until March - but after that, I promised him that I will go back to regular calorie counting, so that there is a little bit more flexibility. He doesn't like that I'm not able to eat in restaurants at all.

Not having someone else telling me what to eat and when scares me. Can I do it? Will I be able to keep losing weight, or will I start making 'exceptions', eventually resulting in my gaining all the weight back?

I had a nightmare last night about eating in a restaurant - not even a fast food restaurant. A nice, sit-in, have a waiter come to your table-type restaurant.

I know that controlling my own food intake is a step that I will have to take eventually... but the beginning of March seems so soon all of a sudden.

Monday Treasures - February 13, 2012

Hello again! I've missed your comments in my absence. Well, I'm feeling 100% again, and am ready to pick up at Violet, aka Purple. One of my favorites. Here we go!

1. Purple Wedding Confetti Flowers by LarkspurHill

(Note: LarkspurHill's products are 50% off throughout February!)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pin of the Week - February 9, 2012

Pinterest serves as a collection site for some of the best recipes. Check out this one:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Due to an unfortunate run-in with... well, something. I'm sick anyway....

Monday Treasures and Ten on Tuesday will be cancelled this week. I look forward to sharing the Pin of the Week with you still on Thursday.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pin of the Week - February 2nd, 2012

There isn't a lot to say about this week's pin, except for that without Pinterest, I wouldn't have created half of the cute crafts I have. Like these Star Wars snowflakes. Which my cat has slowly been eating off the window every time I am away from home.(Grr...)

(Click on the picture for more)

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