Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Starting to see results :)

A while ago, I wrote about how I was eating healthier, and feeling great about it. This was great, except I continued to eat portions that were far larger than what I need. I was hardly losing weight, despite eating healthier and feeling better from attending the gym. While I wasn’t admitting this to many people out loud, this was frustrating me quite a bit.

As a result, I restricted my daily calories to 1200 in November. When I did this I started to lose weight, however I was still eating a lot – Sometimes I would be so hungry that I would sit down and eat an entire tray of vegetables in one sitting. This would result in my being bloated and uncomfortable, and usually an upset stomach as well. On days when I was not doing this, I would be so hungry. It just wasn’t quite working. But, I am determined. Over Christmas I increased my calorie limit to 1500/day, to try to make it feel like I was limiting myself a little less (and help prevent me from falling off the bandwagon). But as you know from my post at the beginning of the year, this was difficult because I didn’t want to ask everyone whose home I ate at for their recipes so that I could track the calories, plus I wasn’t able to exercise as much. Luckily, I only gained a pound over the holidays, even though it felt like I should have gained several.

Long before the holidays began, I found a meal plan on I promised myself that in the new year, I would take advantage of Gilles being away for school (and thus, not having to make meals for him during the week), and try it out. I have been doing this. For those who have been watching the ticker at the bottom of the page or reading my tweets, you’ll know that it is working. Since I started this meal plan (A week ago today), I have lost just over four lbs. This brings me to a total lost since the end of November of 10 lbs! I know it is a far cry from the total of 85 that I want to lose, but it is still great encouragement.

I also received some fitness games for my Wii for Christmas, which I have begun to use regularly. This will help 
me reach my goal of working out for at least 20min/day on my off days from the gym.
For those of you who are wanting to lose weight but are new at it, or just want to have some inspiration, there is a great blog out there – I find her story very inspirational and have been an avid reader of her blog for some time now.

Here’s where I make my promises:
1. I will continue to follow my meal plan until the end of February. I may continue at 1200 cal/day, or may reduce that number to 1000, depending how I feel after a few weeks.
2. I will exercise as often as possible – at very minimum, I will exercise every day that I am home.
3. I will work to improve my self-image, both internally and externally. This includes many facets – not just weight. While this is primarily a weight loss journey, I will take advantage of its momentum to improve myself in other ways, even as simple as flossing daily.

I will continue to post results on here sporadically, as well as keep the tickers at the bottom of the page updated. However, those who want more immediate updates or who want to join me (or encourage me!) on this journey, I recommend following my Twitter. My username is CParentSK. I will likely make several comments here in between posts.

Finally – To myself, and all others who strive to become healthier, better versions of themselves, I wish the best of luck, and an unending determination. 


  1. Looks like you're doing it right! Congratulations on your loss so far!

    1. Thanks Patty, and thanks for commenting!


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