Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Well, another year gone by already - can you believe it?

I haven't talked much about my weight loss progress here lately, but you may have noticed that I updated the tickers at the bottom of the page some time ago - so that they better represent what is happening. Now instead of having only one ticker that starts in 2009 (before I gained much of the weight), I am showing that one (with a revised goal weight), and a new one that shows my progress in this particular weight loss attempt.

As you can see, I have been moderately successful so far. Beginning at the end of November, I started calorie counting - allowing myself 1300 calories/day, regardless of the day's activities. I also continued attending the gym. Instead of a basic workout each gym day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), the friend that I gym with, and I are attending Zumba on Mondays. The last day we gymed before the holidays I also tried out a Boot Camp. And survived! (Sort of). So that will become part of the weekly "muscle grind" as well. Fridays will be saved for my regular routine - 1/2 hour of cardio, 15 min of weights and 15 min of core exercises.

Over the holidays, I increased my daily caloric intake to 1500 calories - this was in attempt to make myself feel that I was not missing out or depriving myself. I have run into three problems with this thus far:

1. In eating other peoples' cooking, I have no idea what they are cooking with - and thus the calories included in the meals. I learned long ago that it is not a good idea to ask if you can borrow a copy of their recipe to plug it into your calorie counter...

2. Thus far, I have only been able to work out once over the holidays. This isn't for lack of trying - I will be working out again this afternoon. But my schedule has been so off and so filled that it just hasn't worked out more often. (And yes, I am aware that all you need to work out is your own body).

3. I have no idea whether I am at the weight I was at when we left. I feel like I've gained weight, and I trust that feeling - and it makes me both sad and upset. But I wasn't about to tote my scale around Canada, so I haven't weighed myself since the 23rd. (Not all scales weigh the same). I'm a little bit nervous about finding out what has changed since my last weigh-in.

I am going to do something about it. This year, my New Year's resolution is simple, and weight related. I'm not going to give myself a number, because I don't want to feel like I can start to relax about it if I make that weight earlier than expected, nor do I want to be disappointed if I have consistent results but don't quite make that number. So for 2012, I want to keep calorie counting and going to the gym, and consistently lose weight.

That said, of course I do have goals - my biggest, as you can see from the tickers at the bottom, is to hit 135 lbs by Christmas 2013. Your encouragement and comments will be a big part of whether I am able to succeed or not.

That said, THANK YOU to all of my readers throughout 2011, and I hope we have another great year in 2012!


  1. Awesome Job Chantelle , and no worries - I didn't work out since Gainer died at Christmas, I have been upset lately - And trust your feelings! Your body is probably right that you may have gained BUT with you going back to routine it will come off quick! I gained 4 lbs, J lost weight (I still dont get it), and you will feel better.
    I kept my promise - I did one endurance run (today actually - about 5km run give or take, but boy my lungs are sore) Guess we both need to step it up! :) :) See you on Wed!

  2. @Lisa Thanks Lisa. In the end I only gained a pound over the holidays.. thank goodness! I can guess where your gain came from (did you try that chocolate brownies recipe again...?) but I'm sure that as always it will disappear as fast as it came. J probably lost his weight from not working out over the holidays - lost muscle.

    I'm glad to hear that you got your run in :) Looking forward to our workout tonight.


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