Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - December 13th, 2011

Today's Ten on Tuesday subject is 10 Hostess Gift Ideas.... enjoy!

1. A nice bottle of wine - this is a standby, but it is almost always appreciated. This is even better when you know whether your hostess has a preference toward red or white wine, or any favorite brands.

2. A cute dessert - this doesn't necessarily have to be one that will be eaten that night, but something small that she can savour later once the house is quiet again.

3. Homemade jam - maybe it is the country girl in me, but I always smile when I see someone bring a jar of homemade jam as a hostess gift - and then make a mental to-do list of jams I want to make the following year.

4. Specialty coffee - especially one with a really cute package.

5. Novelty game - something like 'Table Talk', that can be used to spice up the evening if need be

6. Wine glass charms - or beer bottle charms if you prefer - one can never have too many charms for guests to choose from.

7. Fancy tea - if your hostess is a known tea drinker, try some fancy tea from a specialty shop in your area... there are thousands of types of tea to try, so chances are you'll get something she hasn't tried yet and will be thrilled at the opportunity.

8. Flowers - but only if you are bringing them pre-trimmed and in a vase - a busy hostess doesn't want to slow down to prep some flowers.

9. A night out - a movie voucher or a gift certificate to her favorite spa - something to say thanks and that you appreciate her effort.

10. Music - if you know their favorite artist, try to find a band that is similar that they might like. A good resource is GrooveShark.com - search an artist and then switch to radio mode - it will play similar artists and let you find one you like.


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