Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pin of the Week - December 1st, 2011

I can hardly believe that it is already the last month of 2011. It seems like time flies, doesn't it? The busier you get, the faster and faster things go.

Unfortunately, one thing that seems to get sidelined the busier and busier that you get is our personal fitness. There is no question that I have to work at this. I seem to have spurts where I am healthy and manage to lose weight, followed by spurts where it seems like no matter what I do, weight loss is not on the table. I am in the second category right now. However, I have managed to get my workouts in a minimum of 2x/week, and Pinterest has been a big help in that. It seems counterintuitive, but there are some great motivational pictures and workouts on there, and this is one of them. Enjoy.


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