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Monday Treasures - November 14th, 2011

From Thursday until today, I have been snuggled at home in a blanket, watching my nephew run around and my husband chase after him, and visiting with the in-laws. There is a certain comfort in the air and a certain joy, one that you know can only mean one thing. For us, for the weekend, it's Christmas.

For most of you it's still way too early to think about Christmas. However, for this family, Christmas is whenever you can make it. December didn't work for everyone's schedules to jive for Christmas this year, so November long it was. (plus a bit of extra long)!

In keeping with today's festive spirits, I'm going to feature ten holiday decorations from Etsy today - and early enough that you can order them if you want too! Haha... Enjoy.

(Actual Name: Christmas Door Wreath.."Champagne Elegance"

I love this wreath, both in is simple beauty, and in its versatility. This wreath could easily be used for Christmas, and then left up right until spring - it doesn't scream season's greetings at you, just festivity. I couldn't tell from the description whether those are real hydrangeas or fake - they certainly look real, but it would be much more practical for them to be fake, as then your wreath would last much longer - even to the next season. This wreath is sold by AnExtraordinaryGift for $50 USD. It ships to the United States only, for $10 USD.

AnExtraordinaryGift is run by Amanda out of Saint John, IN. She divides her time between her three children, her wreaths, and her part-time job. Amanda specializes in custom wreaths, and will do her best to recreate any vision you have.

(Actual Name: Silver Bird Ornament - Mixed Media on Wood - FREE SHIPPING)

This bird ornament makes me smile. Before I even opened  up the listing and found out that it is hand carved out of basswood I was drawn to the ornament. Ironically though, I have a hard time picturing this bird on my Christmas tree. Not that it isn't good enough for my tree-  far from it. Instead, I have a hard time picturing it because my tree isn't good enough for it. This bird belongs on a lit shelf, or as part of a centrepiece, in my mind.

Interestingly, it seems that this piece is a collaboration between two Etsy artists. The piece itself is carved by Will, of Will Kay Studios. It is then painted by hcozza (actual name not provided), from Albuquerque, NM. She paints the pieces based on childhood memories, and how she expects the decorations may be seen by a child.

3. Monogrammed Christmas Ornament by TypsyMollieDesigns

I absolutely love this design. I tried to do something similar this year, except making snow flakes out of peoples' names, but it didn't turn out nearly this well. I think I might have to use this as a basis for next year. Let's see... more than one colour, ribbons.... this definitely beats mine. This is sold for $8 USD by TipsyMollieDesigns.

TipsyMollieDesigns has several other gorgeous monogrammed items on sale, and has already had lots of great feedback - and the shop has only been up a few weeks!

(Actual Name: 2 x PERSONALIZED CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS...Embroidered....Choose Your Fabric....13 To Choose From

It's not Christmas without the stockings hanging over the fireplace... or off the craft rack, whatever your situation may be. These cute stockings are fully customizable - your choice of fabric, name, etc. They sell in different groupings... individually, in a set of two (like this listing), in a set of four or five, etc. This set of two stockings sells for $59.98 USD.

Sweetlittlethings4u is run by Nicole Clay of Lawrenceville, GA. She specializes in pendents, but has many different things that she has sold in her shop since it's inception in 2009.

5. Christmas Garland by tinamagee
(Actual name: Christmas Garland 20ft)

I love the look of this Christmas Garland. It is festive, and fun, and a non-traditional way to decorate for Christmas. It reminds me of something that you would see in a Dr. Seuss book instead of in a real-life Christmas display. This garland is sold by tinamagee for $19 USD.

tinamagee is run by Tina Magee (surprise suprise), out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Tina is originally from Northern California, and was once a real estate appraiser. Now she works as a "professional photographer and published scrapbook artist", and is the mother of three.

6. Funny Christmas Wine Labels by picardcreative
(Actual name: Funny Christmas Wine or booze labels . set of 6 Vintage images)

Click to view this one bigger... seriously. The pictures are really cute, and the captions are even better. These wine bottles will definitely require a double take, and hopefully receive a few laughs as well. These wine bottle labels by picard creative sell in a pack of 6 for $6.95 USD.

Picard creative is run by Paula Picard, out of Maryville Illinois. Paula states, "I love all kinds of art and images- and uses graphics, vintage images and my imagination, I can overcome my 'drawing disability'"

7. Merry Christmas Garland by paperklipdesign
(Actual Name: Merry Christmas Garland - white)

This garland is cute in its simplicity. It would nearly blend in with a white wall, adding a subtle Christmas touch. It would also look great on a wall of a different colour. I have a bright red wall in my dining room that I could see this garland looking absolutely fabulous on. The garland is sold by paperklipdesign for $7 USD.

Paperklipdesign is run by Melinda Anderson out of Sydney, Australia. She makes all sorts of garland and tags, as well as running her second shop, Tivoli Vintage.

8. Wooden Snowflake Ornament by RileysCorner

I love the details in this decoration. The snowflake is perfectly balanced, and has just enough detail to be beautiful, but not so much detail that it becomes gaudy. The decoration is both simple and gorgeous... simply gorgeous. This snowflake decoration is cut using a laser by RileysCorner and sells for $11.95 USD.

RileysCorner is run by Elisabeth White out of Liberty Lake, Washington. The shop features laser cut and engraved Christmas ornaments. The site has only been running since October so there hasn't been a ton of sales yet, but feedback has all been positive so far.

(Actual Name: Snowflake on Red Ticking Decorative Pillow Cover 16 x 16 / Christmas Pillow / Christmas Decoration)

Christmas decorating isn't just for the kitchen and the tree. This throw pillow would be a great addition to have on the couch, to cuddle up to during a Christmas movie and to add a bit of life to the room. I like this one in particular because it has just the right amount of Christmas flair - the peppermint stripes and red patchwork strike a perfect balance. This pillow is for sale by North Country Comforts for $24 USD.

North Country Comforts is run by Karen Charbono from New Hampshire. Karen uses "utilitarian fabrics in many of [her] designs such as burlap, ticking fabric and unbleached cottons. [She sees] beauty in their simplicity."

(Actual Name: Christmas Photo Album - BELIEVE Decorative Word Shaped Scrapbook Album)

I absolutely love this Believe Photo Album by SimplyInvitingCards. Just a picture a page, maybe with a bit of text saying the year. I could see this as being a year to year album, showcasing Christmas pictures of the same child year after year as they grow up. This album is being sold for $40 USD.

SimplyInvitingCards is run by Jen Schroll out of Manhatten, Kansas. Every last bit of paper is being used in her projects, and what is too small to use is broken down into handmade paper. Jen also has a website for her stationary shop at and another Etsy shop that features knitted goods:



  1. Thank you so much for the feature Chantelle.

  2. I'm very impressed with your blog. You spent an amount of time creating this amazing post. I really appreciate you including my door wreath design "Champagne Elegance" You describe it much better than I do!! P.S. the hydrandeas are artifical and will last for many years to come. :) Amanda

  3. @Paperklip No problem :) As a crafter myself I know how great it feels to know that someone out there appreciates your work.

  4. @An Extraordinary Gift
    Thanks :) I do spend a lot of time on my Monday posts because I want to make sure that I give every piece featured an appropriate write-up. Also, I was asked a few weeks ago to include a little 'get to know you' about the artists of the pieces, so that my readers could know a bit more about where they were coming from.

    I'm really glad that you like my description - feel free to use it if you like. I'm glad to hear that the hydrangeas will last! :D

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. THis is a great list. I love the pillow...the price is right too!

  6. You did a great job of showcasing a wide variety of very well-made items! I caught myself scrolling back up to look at everything once, even twice, before even finishing this comment. :) Thank you for including my album in the mix. Now, I think I'll take a cue from you and go snuggle under a blanket and just enjoy this lovely season!

  7. @Jen S.

    Thank you for your kind word Jen. Enjoy your snuggle time.


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