Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - October 4, 2011

Did you miss me yesterday? Unfortunately I was blindsided by a head cold / upset stomach that had me unconscious for about 90% of the day. I debated putting up the Monday Treasures, but in the end, didn't have the energy for it. These will continue next week.

Today's topic is "Ten things you love about weddings". As many of you know, I just got married this summer. I think this makes me particularly qualified to fill out this week's list out! And bonus - I will share some pictures from my wedding with this post. :)

1. Having everyone you care about in one place, at one time.

When you think about it, when else does this happen? This is the only time in your life, that you will be alive to see all of your family, your spouses family, your friends from high school, university, other friends (every group of friends) and all your co-workers in one place, for one reason. The only other time this will happen will be your funeral, and let's face it - weddings are happier. After all the stress of planning, and everything that can (and will - Murphy's Law) go wrong, seeing everyone together, everyone smiling, makes it all worthwhile.

2. The love.

It's not just the love of everyone who is there, though that is a big part of it. It is the love of the couple together. Now you may consider that to be a bit of a slanted view, because I just got married. But I also attended two other weddings this summer, and you could definitely feel the love. It was about the way the bride and the groom looked at each other... you almost expected their eyes to change to hearts, like a Bugs Bunny cartoon. And it was about the way they smiled - like everything was right in the world. That feeling is what weddings are about.

3. The speeches

I may be alone in this one, but I LOVE to hear the speeches. There is almost always little stories that embarrass the bride or groom, and you get to hear insight  into who the couple are to other people. The speeches that are both funny and heartfelt are the best ones.

4. The outfits

While a great point of stress and contention, weddings are also a great time to dress up! I love seeing everyone's outfits at weddings, be it the men in their fancy suits or the women in their beautiful dresses. While many people (myself included to calm myself) state that everyone is looking at the bride, not at you, trust me when I tell you that I'm looking at you. I'm not judging you whether your outfit suits your body or anything like that - save that for What Not to Wear - I just want to see what your personal style is and what you chose.

(This is one of my favorite pictures from the wedding. I told my bridesmaids that their shoes had to be black and have at least a bit of a heel, and that they could decide what they wanted from there... I like that I can see a bit of each personality in their shoes.)

5. Happiness

I have never been to a wedding where anyone has been noticeably unhappy. Maybe this is just my optimism in saying that weddings make everyone happy, but it's true. Sure, the bride is occasionally stressed out about this and that, and bad news is oft heard at a wedding - but the general vibe always seems to be "This is the best day ever I'm so happy!"

6. Dancing

While many people may be blessed with husbands/partners that love to dance, I am not. I am blessed by the fact that Gilles enjoys taking dance classes with me and continues to do so after the wedding, but unless he knows basically everyone who is around, he doesn't dance. This is a point of contention between us, as this means that if his family is there he will dance, but not if it is only my family. (I am hoping that he will warm out of this). But at our wedding - he danced all night. We both danced. In fact, most of my favorite memories from the day of the wedding are based on different people that I danced with. SO much fun.

7. The photos

Gawd, the photos! Just looking at them makes me smile. Of course, both Gilles and I are goofs, so we have... well, some goofy photos. The memories from the day will be forever emblazoned within my heart and mind, with the help of some of these photos.

8. The video

I haven't seen my wedding video yet. I can't wait to see it. Cuz it is going to be AWESOME.

9. The awkward relatives

Let's face it - everyone has them. The awkward relatives that are either in your face and want to know everything about everyone, or the ones that want to show you their acrobatic ability, or the ones who try to hook up with your other guests. Whether alcohol induced or otherwise, these relatives are one of the reasons why the night is fun. That awkward relative becomes a point of entertainment, as others start to wonder what they're going to do next. And usually, these people know that and continue the show just for that sake.

(I didn't want to point any fingers, so here's a picture of one of the bouquets.)

10. The end.

After a long day and long night, the end of the day comes as a happy relief. You would love for it to continue forever, but everyone has there limit, and eventually it is time for everyone to leave and go to bed. Those moments laying in bed after it all, with the music still ringing in your ears and the ghosts of hugs surrounding you are the best. You can be content, and happy. You just had a great day, with those that you love. All is right.

(Do you really want to see a picture of Gilles and I in bed? Here is a fun picture of us at the wedding instead).


  1. I should've put "crying" on my list because I LOVE to cry at happy occasions...and I have tears in my eyes reading about your wedding. all the best to you both. wishing you many many years of happiness!!

  2. @Mary

    Wow, thanks Mary! Many years of happiness in return :)


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