Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Housecleaner in Me

Those of you who know me well, know that I am quite low maintenance, and do not get riled easily. This can work in positive ways and negative ways. Looking at this from a positive perspective, it means that I get along with people easily, and can tolerate teasing from friends and family.

Looking at this in a more negative light, it means that I let things build up. Like housecleaning.

Don't get me wrong, our house isn't disgusting. We do clean on a regular basis - it just isn't quite as regular as other people.

To compound this issue, the rugs in the house are very old. So old, that the underlay is working up through the carpet (and happens to be the same colour as our cat's fur). It covers the carpet again within 3 days of our vacuuming - and because of the colour, people assume that it is cat hair and we are gross. I wish I could just explain otherwise, but it's not like I can just say "oh, don't worry about the black 'tumbleweeds' all over the carpet, it's just underlay".

Gilles and I have tried to find an answer to the problem of keeping our house clean several times, but often just end up saying "#$%@ it, I'm too tired." Hopefully, this plan keeps us accountable. The plan we devised is as follows:

- Make and clean up supper every day. No exceptions. (I make, he cleans up).
- Clean cat litter morning and night. No exceptions. (I'm morning, he's night).

We are writing out two lists of chores: a 10-minute per chore list, and a 30-minute plus per chore list.

We each must complete a minimum of one 10 minute chore per night, and two 30 minute chores per week. We are tracking what we have done each day on a calendar, so that we can each see both our own and each others' progress.

I'm hoping it works... last night my "10 minute" chore I picked was to scrub the stove top, burner plates, and underside of the stovetop - and it was closer to a "60 minute" - but once I started I didn't want to stop, and it feels good to have that done. Here's hoping it keeps up!


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