Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 4

Now that we are getting closer to Halloween, I'd like to feature costumes for a few celebrities that have been very popular to dress up as this year. While this will not be able to be divided by guy/girl costumes, I will provide a couple different options for you to look at. Today's celebrity of choice: Lady Gaga. I'll share my four favorite costumes. Instead of linking each picture today, I'm just going to provide you with a single link to see the rest, because I'm pulling all of today's costumes from the same website - Lady Gaga's! Find the costumes here.

1. Poker Face

2. Star

3. Silver

4. Tuxedo

The influence that Lady Gaga, a woman who was always told that she wouldn't succeed in her craft, has had. She is a hero to the LGBT community. She is a hero to any misfits, of any community.


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