Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 17

Many of you out there who are just as excited about Halloween as I am, are hosting house parties. (No, I won't be hosting one in real life, but I'm going to one, and in my mind I am hosting one too, haha). While many invitations to this type of thing are sent via Facebook, there are still some of us who like to send out their own invitations. Today I will feature three printed invitations - tomorrow I will show you a few handmade ones.

1. Creepy
This printed invitation available from is sure to give you the heebie jeebies. I especially like that the black splotches on the red change colour to be red splotches on the white over the letters.

2. Cutesy

This "spooky" little card is available from tinyPrints. The play on the word Halloween is especially cute.

3. Classy

Giving a classy spin to the mayham that is Halloween, this invitation is also a tinyPrints creation. 

Will you come to my (non-existant) Halloween party?


  1. Ha ha
    I just serve sangria and squash stew. Smallest party ever!


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