Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 11

I can't believe that Halloween is so close already! I'll be finishing up Gilles and Caleb's costumes this weekend, hopefully I'll be able to post you a pic of Gilles in his (minus hair color spray) next week, and another of the both of them fully done up after halloween.

Today's costume pic is an homage to a friend that I ditched last night to go to the gym because I'm sick again. I swear autumn is trying to kill me. Or at least get me fired.

The costume of choice is Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. I've attached images for both styles...

Note: I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but for proper accreditation reasons, I do my best to link to the original source of any pictures that I use, or anyone's work. Of course there are times that this just isn't possible (ie/ when I use pictures from, most of the work there isn't accredited), but I know personally that if my work/picture was being featured on someone else's site, I would want to see it. The reason I am telling you this is for two reasons: 1) You can almost either click on the title above a picture, or, if I haven't given the pictures titles (like today), simply click on the title to go to the original source. and 2) If you use any of my pictures/work on your site, PLEASE credit me and let me know. I have started to see some of my pictures popping up on other sites without my notification. You don't need to notify me prior to using them, I understand that that is contrary to the ease of use found on the internet, just please let me know if you have used them.



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