Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 0 (Also known as the October 31st edition of Monday Treasures)

Behold, the moment you have all been waiting for! ... Right?


For the last while I have been showing you all different kinds of Halloween costumes. Today, I will show you ours.

I dressed up as a dead hooker this year. It wasn't a very work intensive costume, and actually allowed me to be better covered up than most of the storebought costumes... (The skirt is a skort, which may be the best invention ever).

And as you know, I spent a lot of time working on costumes for Gilles and his cousin Caleb this year, so that they could dress up as Goku and Gohan from Dragon Ball Z. Personally, I think they turned out great... except we had... a bit of trouble with there hair. First we tried to use coloured hairspray. Have you seen Your Highness? His hair reminds me of Marteetee's.

So... that didn't work. The boys really wanted to have blonde hair for this though, so we decided to try something a little bit more... permanent, and dug some old hair dye out of the cupboard.

Did I mention that the hair dye was old? This didn't exactly work either. 

It's lighter thought at least. In the meantime, when we realized that the dye wasn't going to take, we made a run to WalMart - me in my costume, and the guys with hair dye still in their hair, waiting for the time to be up. We bought more dye.

We were all getting rather impatient by this point, as we were already late for the party. But at least it was obvious that the dye was working this time.

And it did! Unfortunately, Gilles has really thin, long hair, so our second attempt at spiking it didn't work much better than the first. Caleb's looked a lot better though. 

... And voila! I'd like to introduce you to Gohan and Goku, respectively.

I was really happy with the way their costumes turned out. :)


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