Monday, October 31, 2011

I just have to say, I get it.

To the receptionist at the company I just phoned, who, when I quickly said "I'm looking for xxxx xxxx please," simply breathed a sigh of relief and said "Thank you," and transferred me through. I get it.

I'm not a receptionist, nor have I ever been. But I have covered the receptionist desk enough times to know that people just don't get it. There is more than one line and only one of you, so they can't keep rambling on about nothing. I get it. You didn't phone to talk to the receptionist, so say who you want and move on. It makes her job a lot easier than your chit chat.

Yeah, I get it.

And yes, I'll hold.

Halloween Countdown - 0 (Also known as the October 31st edition of Monday Treasures)

Behold, the moment you have all been waiting for! ... Right?


For the last while I have been showing you all different kinds of Halloween costumes. Today, I will show you ours.

I dressed up as a dead hooker this year. It wasn't a very work intensive costume, and actually allowed me to be better covered up than most of the storebought costumes... (The skirt is a skort, which may be the best invention ever).

And as you know, I spent a lot of time working on costumes for Gilles and his cousin Caleb this year, so that they could dress up as Goku and Gohan from Dragon Ball Z. Personally, I think they turned out great... except we had... a bit of trouble with there hair. First we tried to use coloured hairspray. Have you seen Your Highness? His hair reminds me of Marteetee's.

So... that didn't work. The boys really wanted to have blonde hair for this though, so we decided to try something a little bit more... permanent, and dug some old hair dye out of the cupboard.

Did I mention that the hair dye was old? This didn't exactly work either. 

It's lighter thought at least. In the meantime, when we realized that the dye wasn't going to take, we made a run to WalMart - me in my costume, and the guys with hair dye still in their hair, waiting for the time to be up. We bought more dye.

We were all getting rather impatient by this point, as we were already late for the party. But at least it was obvious that the dye was working this time.

And it did! Unfortunately, Gilles has really thin, long hair, so our second attempt at spiking it didn't work much better than the first. Caleb's looked a lot better though. 

... And voila! I'd like to introduce you to Gohan and Goku, respectively.

I was really happy with the way their costumes turned out. :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 1

The last of the celebrity costumes, I'd like to feature our late inspiration, Michael Jackson today. While a few sites suggested that dressing as Michael Jackson this year would be disrespectful, I think it is the opposite... I think dressing as MJ is simply a form of paying respect, as long as it is done properly.

Please stay tuned tomorrow for a special treat!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 2

Today's celebrity posting will be another that is very popular this year - Katy Perry. There are several costumes available to buy online - I will feature three of my favorites. (Unfortunately everything she wears seems to be very sexy...)

California Girl Cupcake Costume:

Whipped Cream Costume:

Candyland Costume:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 3

For today's "celebrity visit", I'd like to look at some costumes for Charlie Sheen, the man that we all love to hate this year - essentially the new Tiger Woods. There are even some bonus cartoons for you! (As Charlie Sheen's costumes are very hard to title, I'm just going to give them to you as a cluster... enjoy!)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 4

Now that we are getting closer to Halloween, I'd like to feature costumes for a few celebrities that have been very popular to dress up as this year. While this will not be able to be divided by guy/girl costumes, I will provide a couple different options for you to look at. Today's celebrity of choice: Lady Gaga. I'll share my four favorite costumes. Instead of linking each picture today, I'm just going to provide you with a single link to see the rest, because I'm pulling all of today's costumes from the same website - Lady Gaga's! Find the costumes here.

1. Poker Face

2. Star

3. Silver

4. Tuxedo

The influence that Lady Gaga, a woman who was always told that she wouldn't succeed in her craft, has had. She is a hero to the LGBT community. She is a hero to any misfits, of any community.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 5

Since we did pirates yesterday, I feel like it is only fair to represent the ninjas today, in their neverending feud. Enjoy.

**Remember: I am not providing links to this in the titles, but I have linked the images to the original sites instead!**




Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Countdown - 6

Hi everyone! Since I've been so hard on the guys lately, I'll go with one that the guys can definitely get into - a pirate costume. Here are my choices:

Children's costume:

Women's Costume:

Men's Costume!:

Ten on Tuesday - October 25th, 2011

Today's subject is Ten Best Halloween Costumes You've Ever Seen. However, since that would run contrary to my Halloween feature (no, I'm not showing you my last 7 favorite costumes yet, or repeating the ones I already have), I'm going to make up my own and say that it is Ten Best Pumpkins You've Ever Seen. Mmmkay?

Here we go. Enjoy!

1. DeathStar Pumpkin by Noel Dickover

2. Predator by Ray Villafane

3. Nightmare Before Christmas by Jessica Beagan

4. James Dean Pumpkin by Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular

5. Charizard by Gene Grenata

6. E.T. from the LowDown Blog

7. Zipperhead by Ray Villafane

8. Spiderman by ?

If you know who made this jack o lantern, please let me know! I couldn't find credit for it anywhere :(

9. Angry Birds by ?

Again, another crediting FAIL. I got the picture from this blog though, if it helps.

10. Cat by Scott Cummins

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Treasures - October 24th, 2011

Due to my inability to complete this post this week, Monday Treasures will be cancelled this week. Please stick around to see next week's Monday Treasures!

Halloween Countdown - 10, 9, 8, 7.

Wow. I'm sorry, I really am. I thought I had more posts waiting to go out than I did.  I hope no one was sitting around waiting for me :(

Well, hopefully this will make it all worthwhile - a 4-in-1 post - You'll get it all at once.

For Friday, October 21, my costume of choice was my favorite fairy tale creature -  Tarzan. Honestly, I think I had a child's version of a crush on the character, I thought he was just the best. ;) Looking back at it now, I realize that it may not have been the character itself, but the fact that this movie was essentially my introduction to the romance novel. Other movies simply had the characters fall in love at the end, and didn't explore their relationship. Today I love reading Nora Roberts' novels.

I chose three different versions of the Tarzan costume to share with you today. The kids version:

The adult female version (Jane?) - with some terrible photoshopping I might add:

And the adult male version:

He almost looks like he belongs in a romance novel, doesn't he?

Saturday, October 22nd's costume of choice was a vampire, because I spent the day sewing, while watching True Blood on and off. Not that I'd recommend going as a True Blood vampire - unless you have yourself crying blood, I doubt anyone would get it... Again, I'll go with my favorite Kids, womens and mens costume.

Doesn't he look adorable?

A little bit less adorable is the women's costume. In fact, if she did her makeup a little bit more ghoulishly, I think she could actually look scary:

Finally, the men's costume. Since vampire movies have become so popular, there are many shapes and forms this now comes in. There was even a (very sexy) men's vamp underwear set to chose from! After much debate though, I settled for a more traditional look:

On to Sunday, October 23rd! On Sunday we spent the entire day cutting up and pureeing pumpkins, to be used for pie, etc. in the future. At the end of the day, we had 56 cups of pureed pumpkin, ready to be frozen! Thus in keeping with the theme, I decided to use the traditional standby costume, the pumpkin. Luckily this costume has changed in the last few years!

Here is my favorite kid's pumpkin costume. Doesn't she look great?

The women's costume is just as adorable. Definitely not the stuffing around the midriff costume of latter years.

And finally, the men get their say. Admittedly, finding a men's pumpkin costume was... a tad more difficult. You basically had the old fluffy standby, or drunk people at parties with actual pumpkins covering their hopefully-not-naked man bits. So... I went with this one. Cop out?

Finally, today, Monday October 24th's choices. One week 'til Halloween today! As a result, I chose one of my favorite costumes - the witch. I have gone to Halloween as a witch many times - probably because the witch hat was the only intact storebought Halloween item I could ever find... and I didn't want to wear the burlap bag, again. But regardless, looking at witch costumes today still can make me smile no matter what.

First the kids costume, as always, so cute. Kids have all their life to look hideous - might as well make them adorable while you still can!

Next, the men's... ...heh. Maybe I should start featuring some more man-friendly costumes.

And finally... what I would LOVE to dress up as some year. The women's witch costume.

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