Monday, September 26, 2011



Much like yoga and then pilates, Zumba has taken the exercise world by storm.

While it is not much different than dance aerobics, people have been swearing by it left right and centre.

But I didn't buy into the hype.

Until lately.

A few weeks ago, I was invited by a friend to try out a Zumba class with her. It was a very low level, introductory class, with other people who had never tried it before, so it was perfect. I agreed. And it was so much fun.

Since then, this friend and I have been going to Zumba every Monday. You are focused so hard on trying to get the moves right, that you hardly notice that you are working your ass off. That is, until after you are done the lesson, and all of a sudden you are like... "Ow."

Tonight's Zumba night again. I'm looking forward to it.

I have to ask about the capitalism behind the fad though. It seems like every Zumba instructor I see is wearing a shirt that looks like this:

And the classes all seem to have a logo that looks like this:

So I can't help but wonder... Is Zumba actually run by only one company? And if so, how should/does that affect the way that I look at the class/trend?

Drop me some thoughts!!


  1. Zumba was invented by a Brazilian man, Bento something-or-other, and it's now trademarked. You aren't allowed to use the logo on your own things. I love love love Zumba (I've been doing it over a year), and I noticed from the instructors, the parties, the selling, that they really do make a living doing just Zumba, so the products are a big part of it too (holy expensive, batman! pants for $65? I'll wear spandex from Target, thanks.) In short, yes, Zumba is trademarked and only Zumba can use the logo. But it's still a great workout, and I love it.

  2. @Christen

    Hmm... interesting, thanks.

    So from what I understand, you are saying that Zumba is technically the name of a company, and it is being used as the name of a new form of exercise, However unlike pilates or yoga, one company owns all the rights to this form of fitness. Is that right?

  3. Zumba followers are like old Saturn owners. They never say anything bad about it.
    I am curious to see what you learn about it here.

  4. @The Frizzy Hooker 'Tis true... I even tried to get my instructor to explain, but she didn't have much other than fluff in her explanation.

  5. Zumba was invented by a colombian guy and his name is Beto, only official certified instructors are aloud to use the Zumba® logos, and yes!!! Zumba is trademarked ..

    We have nothing bad to say about it, because there is nothing bad about it Zumba.
    Zumba is fun and a great workout!


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