Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - September 20th, 2011

Wow! Feedback for last week's Ten on Tuesday was much better than I expected - thank you!

I love to hear from you - it lets me know that you are there. And YES! I do respond to all comments.

A few people asked last week whether Saskatoon's Farmers' Market is open year-round. To be honest, I didn't know! I only ever think to go to the Farmers' Market in the summer. With a bit of sleuthing however, it seems they are open the same hours year-round. (Source: Saskatoon Farmers' Market website)

On to this week's Ten on Tuesday!

This week's topic is "10 Headlines from the Year You were Born"

Oh boy! This one sounds fun. Of course, I don't remember any of the events that happened when I was being born, so let's make Google a friend!

1. Vice-President George Bush defeats Michael Dukakis to capture the presidency
     While officially he did not sit in the office until January of the next year, it was in this year that President George H. W. Bush succeeded Reagan as the President of the United States.

2. PEPCON disaster in  Henderson, Nevada
     An explosion at a rocket plant causes 10 miles of damage

3. Section 28 is passed. This outlaws promotion of homosexuality in schools.

4. Microsoft launches Windows 2.1

5. Five workers die in a confined space workplace accident in Auburn, Indiana.

6. 300,000 people form a demonstration, fighting for independence in Estonia.

7. The summer olympics are held in Seoul, South Korea.

8. Super Mario Brothers 3 is released

9. French manufacturer Roussel Uclaf states that it will no longer distribute the abortion drug RU-486, then changes its mind 48 hours later

10. Brian Mulrony wins a second majority government in Canada.

After writing this list, I am left with three dominant thoughts.

1. American media has a tendency to overtake the rest of the world, especially when it comes to recounting history. It is no wonder we all have a skewed view of the world from an American perspective. In a time where the internet is much more accessible and prevalent, it is interesting viewing the same news story as it is reported by the media in different countries - rarely does it seem to be even the same story.

2. Technology was still interesting enough to make news. The odd thing makes the news still - electric cars, pharmaceuticals - but you would never see anything about Microsoft launching its latest Windows platform, or a new video game being released on the front page of today's newspaper, unless it was a special feature (and a slow day in the news).

3. Terrorism was as dominant in this year as it is now. Now, I don't know if it garnered as much attention as it does now or if it was taken as seriously - I wasn't alive, so it would be a hard measure to judge. I didn't include any of the terrorism news stories, but in a list of major headlines throughout 1988, terrorism (bombings mostly) came up in relation to at least four different incidences.

Now - can you guess what year I was born?


  1. 1988 - and thanks for making me feel old since I remember ALL of your headlines when they happened... LOL. It's amazing what 16 years can do... le sigh.

  2. @Peppermint Mocha Mama

    Heh. But think of it from this perspective - the fact that I don't remember these things happening, means that I don't have an accurate perspective on how the world has - and is continuing to - change. For instance, I can appreciate the rise of technology to an extent, because I used my first computer when I was 4 years old. But I have never been able to experience typing on a typewriter, and writing letters by hand was already beginning to become a dying trend by the time I was old enough to write... it's all a matter of perspective.

  3. 1988 and Super Mario Brothers 3, oh what a pop icon they became!

  4. 1988--wow! That was recent history for me. Heh. It's interesting revisiting these years. It makes me realize what a different perspective we do have on the world!

  5. @dianne
    Tis true! Honestly until I looked up the news stories of that year, I had no idea that Super Mario Brothers had actually been around that long. I figured the first game would have been released in '93 or so.

  6. @Becky
    Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to view the world through the eyes of someone else - someone from a different generation. Things that seem so simple and matter of fact to me, are so odd to others, and vice versa. I guess the same goes for different cultures.


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