Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - September 13th, 2011

For those of you who have been around since I began this blog just over a year ago, I tried to do a post called 'Ten on Tuesday', which listed ten things - be it 10 things I'm grateful for, 10 things to bring camping, and so on. I quit doing this because I had fallen so far behind that it didn't make sense anymore. I was too busy between work and school to commit myself to an official weekly blog post.

I also did an 'Etsy finds' post once a week.

Because I really enjoyed both of these features, I am going to restart them again. I will still have my regular postings about what's going on, but these will be a consumerism-driven interlude - fitting, as I'm in marketing.

I hope you like them.

Today's Ten on Tuesday is '10 Things You Buy Every Week', and we have been given the stipulation that these can't be groceries.

Hmm... this may be a hard one for me. Do I actually buy that much stuff every week? Let's see...

1. Coffee
2. Tim Horton's Sandwich - usually Ham & Swiss
3. Updates for iPhone apps... It's a bad habit, but luckily they are only $0.99 each.
4. Movie rentals - to be fair this isn't quite every week, but it is close. We rent them on SaskTel Max.
5. Fresh vegetables! I am much more comfortable making weekly trips to the store to get smaller quantities than hoping that my vegetables last over 2-3 weeks.
6. Gas. Despite the current price being $1.28/L (Equivalent to $4.86/US Gallon), it's still a necessary evil.
7. Coffee.
8. Coffee..
9. Coffee...
10. Coffee.... I can justify having 5 coffees on here if I buy it 5x/week, right?

It's nice to see that I had a hard time filling in this list. While most of my weekly purchases are completely unnecessary and/or frivolous, none of them are overly expensive, and the fact that I had a REALLY hard time filling this out tells me that I'm not going overboard with my spending, which is good. I'm still no penny pincher - but at least I don't have a funnel leading directly from my pocket!


  1. I'm a sucker for the iStuff, too. iThis. iThat. Habit forming. . . :-)

  2. @Nichole I'm not sure whether I agree with that or not, but I'm definitely a sucker for a cup in the morning - usually one that I didn't make myself. (At one point I drank about twice as much coffee as water - not good!)

  3. @Kym
    It definitely is! Especially when you have to buy every new level in a game!!


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