Monday, September 12, 2011

It's a DIY Wonderland

Edit: March 6, 2012: As this continues to be my most popular post by far, I would like to provide the link here to the pictures of the completed costumes. I also intend to post a tutorial for how the costumes were made - I will provide the link here when that is complete.

I may have mentioned on here that I promised my husband and his cousin that I would make their Halloween costumes this year. See, last Christmas Gilles was talking about how he would like to dress up as one of the characters from Dragon Ball Z, and 'Oh, wouldn't it be great if they both did'? At this point all I could see was the dollar signs draining away as Gilles spent hundreds of dollars buying a custom costume online. So, I piped up 'Oh, you wouldn't have to buy that - I could probably make it'.


In case you haven't noticed, December was awhile ago. I quickly got swept up in wedding planning and blissful work and summer holidays. I have yet to start the costumes.

That isn't to say that I haven't put some effort into them. I now have (almost) all of the pieces. I have the 'ugg'-type booties that I will hack apart, dye and turn into ninja-esque booties. I have the 'underlayer' to Gilles' costume. I have ordered the 'outer-layer' for both of their costumes - they are enroute from somewhere in the states. I only have to buy the felt, so that it may be hacked up and resewn in 2 symbols that look vaguely ... Chinese? Japanese? I don't know. Thank goodness I have pictures to go from.

Oh yeah. And did I mention that I have yet to start this?

Wish me luck! I will definitely spending some time in front of my sewing machine over the next month and a half.

And in case you're wondering... these are the characters that I am recreating for them... a simpler costume at least.

Gilles' character (minus the fire thingys around his feet)

Caleb's costume

Interesting note... I just noticed the wrist warmer things... oops I guess I have something else to buy yet!


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