Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ten on Tuesday - September 27th, 2011

Today's Ten on Tuesday topic is: "10 things you do every day".

Now, I'm not sure whether you are actually interested in what I do every day - while I keep quite busy, my life can be pretty mundane. So, I'm going to shake this up a bit today and give you two lists. The first list is the required 10 things I do every day. The next list, if you make it through, is Ten things I WISH I did every day.

Let's go.

Ten Things I do Every Day

1. Get dressed - Yup, believe it or not folks, I do not lounge around in my pajamas all day, even on days when I am not planning to leave the house. Because going to bed in pajamas you have been wearing all day is yucky. So one check for getting dressed.

2. Brush my teeth (x2) (Yah, that's right) - Equally 'icky' as going to bed in pajamas you have been wearing all day, is not brushing your teeth. I know I don't want to kiss my husband when he hasn't brushed his teeth. So why should he have to do the same? Besides. You know nothing is more appetizing than that fur that grows on your teeth overnight and again during the day, right?

3. Put on my glasses or contacts - Cuz not being able to see sucks. Have you ever tried to judge the distance between yourself and that stop sign that - oh, there's one and a half of? It's not easy. Especially when said one and a half stop sign looks like someone licked their thumb, put it on top, and smeared the picture all over the place. Trust me when I say that 'corrective lenses' make life a lot easier.

4. Spend time on the computer - Whether it be at work (95% of my work day is spent on the computer) or at home, (for various projects - more-so on weekends than week days), I spend at least an hour/day on the computer. It isn't just browsing the web... (Oh, you've seen my pinterest account?) but it most of my time (at home) is spent working on my blog, reading your blogs, catching up on twitter, and the occasional facebook binge.

5. Play with my phone - Who doesn't? I have an iPhone now, and it rarely leaves my side. Whether I'm using it for calling, texting, email, weather, internet, games... well, you get the point. My phone is my friend. :)

6. Eat lunch and supper - Nom nom nom... I love me some food. I am trying to stay away from overly fatty and processed foods, as well as I have stopped drinking pop altogether. In return, my addiction to food is only increasing. It is SO hard to limit portions (and such, calories). Mmmmm food.

7. Something artsy - Whether it's graphic editing at work, knitting, cross-stitching, scrapbooking, sewing, writing, painting ... etc., at home, rare is a day that I go without doing something artsy. It's in my blood. Life just isn't the same without a bit of art, and on the rare days that do go without art, (unless I am at someone else's house and am being kept totally occupied), I don't feel fulfilled.

8. Pick at my nails - Confession. Up until about October, I chewed my nails. It was an easy way to keep them short, and Oh, it was so satisfying to feel them tear. My co-workers caught wind, and paid for me to get gel nails as an engagement gift, and a way to get me to stop chewing my nails. At the beginning of August, I finally ripped off all of the gel nails, leaving only my natural nails behind. I was determined not to start chewing them again. But as a result, I get so grossed out by my nails. I hate being able to see gunk and dirt behind them, and as a result I clean my nails out probably 2-3 times per day. (pause)... Sorry, writing about this gave me such a strong urge to go clean under my nails...

9. Some form of cleaning - Every little bit counts - and our house needs a lot of little bits, since we haven't been home long enough to do a thorough cleaning all summer. Whether its something as simple as picking up drinks left around the house, or something as consuming as scrubbing down the kitchen, I make sure that I do at least one thing per day that helps the house be just a little bit cleaner. Baby steps.

10. Sleep! - Oh precious sleep, where would I be without you? Sleep and I have a precarious relationship at best. I have a genetic predisposition toward being an insomniac, and at one point during university I was finally falling asleep at about 6am, and then trying to drag myself to a 8:30am class. NOT FUN. Since then I have gotten a lot better, learning that if I can focus my mind onto one subject, I will be able to fall asleep. (This is as opposed to having a million things bouncing around in my head, and needing to sit up and write lists and lists worth of what's on my mind until I exhaust myself). I have learned that the easiest way to focus my thoughts is to read a book, as you are forced to focus on the text. Using this strategy, I am often asleep within minutes, book in hand. As it is, I usually get between 6-7 hours of sleep per night, so I am not willing to give up a precious minute of that time. Sleep, how I love you.

Hey, you're still here! Okay, great. Now on to the fun stuff. 

Ten Things I Wish I Could do Every Day

1. Ride a pegasus - it would be like getting to ride a horse every day, except it would be able to fly. And of course it would be perfectly behaved and always love me and be ever so happy every time it saw me.

2. Win the lottery - wouldn't it be nice if you had an endless supply of money, so that you could buy whatever you wanted on a whim? Of course, your name wouldn't be published alongside any of the lottery wins, so you could give huge cheques to friends and family as birthday and christmas gifts, donate anonymously to charities, and go on an unlimited number of holidays and shopping sprees, all without having the media trailing you and/or wanting to know how you got so darn lucky.

3. (Get to and then) maintain the perfect body weight - yeah. I would look like this.

4. Have unlimited hours to sleep and yet still do everything else that I want to do. (Yeah, I think this one explains itself)

5. Visit places all over the world - and be able to speak their languages - Different culture, different cuisine, new experiences, beautiful, exotic places. :)

6. Have the touch of gold - Not in the fairy tale sense, where all he touched turned to gold, but in a practical way, where all that I did would be amazing. People would love all the clothes I wear. None of my clothes would fit oddly, or wear out. Everything I did would be critically acclaimed. My artwork would be famous, my stories would be best sellers, and people would even want to buy copies of my ads. Heh. :)

7. Instantly learn more about everything - I could upload information into my brain with the touch of a button. I would learn about all sorts of interesting things, all without even having to think about them or study. Ask me anything. I would be able to tell you about Mayan artwork, ancient naming rituals, quantum physics...

8. Save the planet from starvation, greed, disease, war, and abandoned cats - Wouldn't that be great? You wouldn't have to watch all of the commercials about the starving kids across the world, because there wouldn't be any more starving kids. Everyone would have full, happy bellies. There would be no more war, because there would be no more greed. Everyone would be the 'good samaritan', doing their best to help out everyone around them. Plus, with all that good samaritan stuff, all the doctors would help cure diseases for free and out of good faith, meaning that eventually all of the disease in the world would be abolished. And most importantly, I would make sure all of the cats in the world had good homes.

9. Make everyone who ever meets me, like me - I could always be myself - no more worrying about proper etiquette, or keeping my comments from getting to religious/political/weird. No matter what, everyone I ever meet would always like me for who I am.

10. The most important of all - and the only one I already have - Being loved unconditionally by my friends and family. No matter what, the most important thing in my life, and what I want more than all of the other items on this list is the unconditional love of my family and friends - and I know that I have this. So you know what? I am rich.

Monday, September 26, 2011



Much like yoga and then pilates, Zumba has taken the exercise world by storm.

While it is not much different than dance aerobics, people have been swearing by it left right and centre.

But I didn't buy into the hype.

Until lately.

A few weeks ago, I was invited by a friend to try out a Zumba class with her. It was a very low level, introductory class, with other people who had never tried it before, so it was perfect. I agreed. And it was so much fun.

Since then, this friend and I have been going to Zumba every Monday. You are focused so hard on trying to get the moves right, that you hardly notice that you are working your ass off. That is, until after you are done the lesson, and all of a sudden you are like... "Ow."

Tonight's Zumba night again. I'm looking forward to it.

I have to ask about the capitalism behind the fad though. It seems like every Zumba instructor I see is wearing a shirt that looks like this:

And the classes all seem to have a logo that looks like this:

So I can't help but wonder... Is Zumba actually run by only one company? And if so, how should/does that affect the way that I look at the class/trend?

Drop me some thoughts!!

Monday Treasures - September 26th, 2011

One of the most resounding thoughts in my mind over the past week has been that I miss summer. True, summer only officially blew its last breath on Friday, but as per my usual self, I'm digging my claws in and begging, pleading for summer to stay. See, I am my most comfortable when it is about 29 degrees celsius outside. Which means I am cold in spring, fall and winter. And I hate being cold. Plus, there is no other time of year that speaks to so much freedom and such a carefree outlook than summer does.

So, I've decided to use Summer as my topic. This week I am featuring artists from the website deviantART. I am giving no regard to medium, just posting what catches my eye, in the order that it catches my eye. This is in no way a list of what I like most to what I like list - it is just as I see them. Enjoy.

1. Summer - juxxo

This photo captures the essence of what summer is to me. Time spent at the lake, relaxing with family and friends. No worries about time, or responsibilities. Careless, carefree. I look at this picture - the sun going down with the boy still diving into the lake, and am transported. (Photo NFS)

2. Summer Delight - A-l-a-s-s-e-a

The beauty in this photo collage is outstanding. Every once in a while while camping you will see a lone lantern floating across the sky. I have never seen anything quite so breathtaking as this Polish festival. According to the artist's description, there were 11,000 lanterns lit that night. I can't help but wonder how they keep them under control? (Photo collage NFS)

3. Summer Cocktail - iuneWind

While this is abstract art, I can see the cocktails in this photoshop very clearly. Let's see... cosmopolitan, martini, strawberry daiquiri... I'm drooling. Photo for sale here, price dependent on size.

4. Summer Summer Summer - noiry

(Click to see larger image)

This cartoon literally made me laugh out loud. The drawings are great, and the cartoon is really well done. I especially like how serious the strip begins, and how it then jumps into such a comical note. (Print NFS)

5. Summer - Krawat93

As a girl who grew up on a farm, part of summer will always be harvest. Whether it be wheat, drum, lentils, canola, chickpeas, ... whatever, summer wouldn't be complete without the combines working away in the field, the clattering of the grain in the auger, and the humming of drying fans. (Photo NFS)

6. Little Feather - yngasctmagfi

While this definitely isn't what we look like on the outside, this is how I feel when Gilles and I go camping. Everything in the world is wonderful. Everything in the world is right. We are the world. I just love the expression on the woman's face - she looks like she couldn't be happier. Photo for sale here, $19.99, add $66.00 if you would like it framed.

7. Sand Castle - Suzoku42

Click for a more detailed view. Seriously. While I can honestly say I've never built something this... wow..., building sandcastles is one of my more anticipated activities during the summer. Granted, my "sand castles" are usually less than a foot tall, and more of my time is spent trying to get the ants to "enter the castle properly" than actually building it... but still. (Photo NFS)

8. Asleep on the Beach - Uchihafan445

I love to read at the beach. Admittedly, like this poor fellow, I do usually fall asleep with book in hand, but what a better way to relax? :) As long as no sunburns are involved. I love the creativity in this cute picture. (Photo NFS)

9. Sandbanks Dunes - Ellisetr

Of course, the summer staples are flip flops and sunglasses. While I cannot wear either of these items at work, I can say that I do not wear socks ALL SUMMER. :D (Photo NFS)

10. Downtown Saskatoon HDR - SLCGrad2k

Finally, a picture of Saskatoon. I love my city, and it comes to life in the summer. There are tons of festivals and activities, not to mention the many "nature" paths, and places to meet and relax. (Photo NFS)

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