Monday, August 22, 2011

Love's Labour Lost (Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan) - Review

This post has been a long time coming - I apologize for the delay, I am a few events behind!

Elsie and I went to see Love's Labour Lost on August 9th, braving the sweltering heat to see our second Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan show of the year. While admittedly the show was also very good, it forced me to come to the conclusion that I prefer Shakespeare in its original form, rather than modernized.

While it was refreshing to see the production try to take a new approach to traditional Shakespearean theatre, I found the contrast between the modern stylings and the old-style language to be quite jarring. In my experience, Shakespeare is hard to follow in the best of times, but when the characters are removed from the original scene and placed into the 'modern day', it adds a layer of difficulty - a 'lost in translation' effect.

That said, the play was very humorous, and the actors/actresses did very well with what they had. Each character was played with heart and exuberance, and all of the depictions were very thorough and well thought out.

I did find the first half of the play to be quite dry, but again - 'tis the nature of the tale. The second half on the other hand, I found much more engaging and humorous.

Overall I did prefer The Winter's Tale to Love's Labour Lost, however I still greatly enjoyed myself, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good 'bout of Shakespeare.

Unfortunately, the shows are now done for the season, but I look forward to seeing what they come up with next year!


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