Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camping! *Warning: Picture Heavy*

As I mentioned in my last post, Gilles and I got to go camping with just the two of us, for just the sake of camping, for the first time ever over the August long weekend. Boy, was it ever worth it! I can feel the difference even sitting here. And no, I don't mean my slight sunburn, I'm talking about how relaxed I feel. I don't feel like jumping out of my seat and sprinting down the street just to get outdoors. I don't feel antsy, like I'm not getting to enjoy the summer. Even better, I don't feel stressed about the number of things I need to get done (which are considerable, as I am only going to be at work for a day and a half this week, and then I'm gone for an entire week.

While we didn't get to do everything that we had planned (there was no paved roads so Gilles wasn't able to teach me to roller blade - also, we did absolutely no sporting activities that required energy whatsoever - no frisbee, kites, or Air Hogs. ;) )

What we did do was relax. We spent most of the weekend laying around. Reading, playing games, napping, fishing... We slept in every day, and were in bed before midnight every night. It was glorious. I don't remember the last time I've actually felt rested like I do now. (If only it could last!) Here are some pictures from the trip...

Our brand new tent! We got this as a wedding gift from my brother and sister. This picture doesn't show it well, but it is HUGE. I just have to tilt my head a little to stand in the main part, and it has an extra little porch area, where we put our coolers, etc. Ironically, the first night I kept waking up because despite the fact that we had this huge tent, I was jammed up tight in the corner, and Gilles was sleeping right up against me. There was MILES of tent that was free for the taking. I ended up getting up and sleeping on the other side of him!

Of course, I wouldn't be a true camper if I didn't take the obligatory fire pictures. Above is a picture taken to show just the flame, and below shows the pit as well. The pit was made from a cut-off piece of culvert, and there was an old barbeque rack serving as the grill.

We tried to cook scrambled eggs over the fire, but the wood was wet inside and we were having a hell of a time getting it start. So we finally gave up and cooked the eggs on our brand new propane stove, also a wedding gift! They were delish. 

Of course, shortly after we gave up on the fire and left it to die of its own accord (about the same time I actually figured out how to connect the propane tank and run the stove), the fire started up of its own accord. So, I plunked a mug full of water on top of the grill, determined to get some use out of it. (Hence the blackness of the cup - it's not dirty, it's black from the fire! Soot, I think?) Yum, fire coffee.

Another picture of my fire coffee, this time to show that I was actually also reading - this is a general picture of what most of the weekend looked like (minus the coffee for the most part).

Above is one of the meals we ate (I think it was about 10PM?) To those concerned about camping ruining my diet - Yes, I did eat junk food. But no, I didn't sabotage my diet - it was so hot for most of the weekend that I was hardly hungry at all. I don't think I finished a single meal all weekend.

Gilles' leg, with his hunting knife strapped to it. (He wore it around the campsite for a bit, but never actually left our site with it.) He collects knives, and despite the fact that this one isn't decorative like the rest, it is one of his favorites because it is so sharp. It came in handy when I realized that I hadn't brought a can opener! (But he tells me that he won't be opening any more cans for me, because he could already feel his knife getting duller.) The tattoo on his leg is of a green dragon.

I had to get a 'domestic' picture of Gilles cooking. He didn't actually cook for long, I just asked him to stir while I ran into the tent, but it was a nice view all the same.

Me, fishing. Gilles was actually fishing as well, but I was starting to notice that all the pictures were of him, so I asked him to take this one :) We didn't catch any fish this time.

This picture doesn't tell you much, so I'll have to explain. Before this trip, Gilles had never eaten a bush pie. He didn't even know what they were. (Shocker, right?) So I packed the very basics - his was just Nutella between two pieces of bread. Thinking on it, I should have done something more impressive, as he commented that it just tasted like toast with Nutella, but there's always next time. I'm thinking bush pie pizza for a meal in Thunder Bay.

This is my bush pie - raspberry jam. I could barely eat a quarter of it though - it wasn't a jam that I had tried before, and it was sickeningly sweet. 

This is Gilles, and the elephant ear that we shared at the concession. It was absolutely loaded in icing sugar, and delicious. I haven't had one of these in many years, and don't expect to again for another many years.

That's it for pictures! We take off for another camping trip and a wedding over in Thunder Bay tomorrow, so I'll have more camping pictures/stories to share with you soon!


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