Monday, July 25, 2011

The value of family, friends, and time.

One will often hear me complaining about how busy Gilles and I keep ourselves. The complaints are honest, if not intentional. We do keep very busy, and it does become tiring and stressful. What I don't usually mention is that we keep busy not necessarily for ourselves, but for love of our friends and family. Take last week for example (an average week).

Monday: we worked a full day, then I had a dentist appointment and Gilles went to the gym with Jarrod and Lisa, then we got home at about the same time, and made supper, eating at about 10PM and then crashing into our beds around midnight.

Tuesday: Another full day at work, a quick supper, then Gilles did some housecleaning while I went out to see "The Winter's Tale" with Elsie. Home about 10PM, in bed by about 11:30PM.

Wednesday: Gym with Jarrod and Lisa again. Home by about 8:30PM. Spent some time visiting at the house while I made supper, at at about 10PM, in bed by about 12AM.

Thursday: Lots of running around: fishing reel, licenses, etc. Grocery shopping. Got home about 7:30PM. Gilles put away groceries, while I started supper. In bed around 12AM.

Friday: Gym with Jarrod and Lisa. Home by about 9PM. Visiting, supper, laundry, quick housecleaning. Getting ready for visitors tomorrow.

Saturday: Sleep in! Some housecleaning. Lise, Trevor and Matthew arrive at about 5PM. Supper, then ice cream and long walk. Home about 11PM, in bed by about 12AM.

Sunday: Get up earlier because only have morning to visit left. Spend morning playing with toddler/controlling cat. They leave at about 11:30AM, spend afternoon housecleaning. Friends come over to watch Rider game/play cards. Stay 'til about 10PM. In bed by about 12AM.

See, it isn't the fact that we are spending this time with friends and family that gets to you, it is the near constant nature of the thing. We found out on Thursday evening that Gilles' sister/family would be coming to visit over the weekend, and as much as I love them, I wanted to pout and whine that I have no time to just relax and not entertain people/visit people. It was after all, our first weekend home since May and our last until mid-September. But at the same time, it is important that we get all of our time in now. Basically, fill up with family, friends, and life now because it does have an expiry date. After all, what is this life for if not for living?

In the end, I was really happy that they were over. It was a lot of fun, and we don't get to see them often. I guess what I'm trying to get across is that even if you are worth $1M/hour, no time is as valuable as that spent with family and friends. And that is why we will continue to spend as much time as possible with these people, and keep as busy as possible, no matter how busy or tired it makes us. We have our whole life yet to live, and I'll be happy to do so with those I love by my sides.


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