Monday, July 4, 2011

5 Days! (OMG)

So.... I'm going to be a Mrs. in 5 days!!

Part of me wants to pause time, just savor the moment, my last few days as a 'single' woman.

Part of me wants to scream to the skies (is this really happening?)

Part of me wants to run around like a chicken with my head cut off figuring out last minute details. This part would be prevailing. (Was there ever any doubt?)

There are a few big items and many small items left on my list.

My dress is done - I have to call my seamstress to set up an appointment to try it on (and pay her, and try the veil/jewellery with it). That's the biggest. There are also things like:

- Fix (re: fill, repair) my gel nails.
- buy more ink
- finish printing programs
- test sound system (church)
- make/send schedules to those involved
- put together bridesmaid gifts
- write in groom's cards (Gilles)
- write speech (eep!)
- pick up helium tank/balloons
- pack seperate bags for B&B
- buy baskets
- buy drink tickets
- ink for pen (or new pen)
- buy little plates
- buy reserved signs
- buy plastic glasses
- buy white sheet
- transfer $ for cheques

Did I mention there are 5 days? Really 4 that I can actually do stuff.

ergh. Meet Chantelle, superhuman accomplishments-a-bot.


Good news is that the weather report has consistently announced good weather for the day of the wedding!!! I hate to get my hopes up, but God Damnit I don't want rain.


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