Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I got an iPhone 4 yesterday. It is my first Apple product other than my (incredibly) outdated iPod, and I am extremely happy with it so far. The only issue I have noticed so far is that actual voice calls are kind of tinny, but that could simply be because I was talking to another cell phone. (And where is the receiver on the iPhone? I think I might have mashed it to my face?)

Anyway, I have been playing with it a lot, as is evidenced by the fact that there is only 14% battery left and it is 4:30PM. Granted, I haven't charged it since last night at 9, but still. I didn't get to bed until after midnight last night, because I kept wanting to do 'just one more thing'. Ugh - Of course I am regretting that today!

After work today, Gilles and I are going to go to the gym with L&J, as per usual. I am trying out a new exercise program from Fitclick. And of course, I bought the iPhone app to go with it. Hehe. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

After that I have a long night ahead of me. 230 wedding programs to print off and fold, and a cd to make! Somehow I think I'll be dragging my feet at work tomorrow, as unintentional as that is. At least Friday is a holiday (although admittedly that does mean I'm making the 3.5 hour trek back down to the farm tomorrow evening... pray that I don't fall asleep at the wheel!) Gilles is heading down to Assiniboia as well, so hopefully we can travel together, if not in the same vehicle.

In other news, the weather for the wedding day looks good today. If I were to follow the trend that has surface so far... they switch back and forth day by day between rainy and sunny, it will be sunny the day of the wedding. I hope that's true... I will keep posting the forecasts.


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