Thursday, June 9, 2011


I am moving over to Blogger.

Quite frankly, I wrote a craft blog on there before, and I miss using Blogger a lot, even after a year of using WordPress. I told myself when I started this blog on WordPress that it would grow on me and I would love it, but quite frankly WordPress isn’t as robust as I would like.

I especially miss the Google Analytics feature that Blogger allows – I can see when people view my blog, but many of you don’t comment and that leaves me feeling like I am talking only to cyberspace (even though I know I’m not). Google Analytics doesn’t tell me a ton more, but it tells me when people are linking to my site and what country my readers are from, at least.

I will post the new link here as soon as I have it set up – I want to move all of my old posts over before I give out the link as well, so that your blog readers do not become inundated by outdated posts.

Stay tuned….


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