Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing Crafting

As I look at my list of things that has to get done for the wedding, and then to my blog feed, all I can think of is this... I miss crafting.

I miss seeing dishcloths and scarves come to life.

I miss seeing my red-head badass cross-stitch lady coming to life.

And, I miss sitting at my sewing machine and just going nuts.

Maybe that is why I bought a patch at Michael's the other day. And buttons.

I wasn't going in there to torture myself, I swear. I was looking for cutesie notepads for the wedding.

Of course, I didn't find any of that there...

But instead I ended up with a cute owl patch, to sew onto the bum of a favorite pair of sweatpants (where our farm dog Rocky bit a hole through when he was a puppy. And I ended up buying two packs of purple buttons, to replace all the buttons on one of my dress shirts, which Guenhwyvar chewed a button off of (and ate it).

I haven't done either yet.

Honestly, I keep telling myself that if I want to do crafty stuff, I should be doing some of the wedding crafty stuff. After all, I have a wagon to paint and shoes to sew ribbon onto.

I did manage to cross two more items of the list on the weekend though - I am now done the wedding video and the program for the ceremony (I just have to print the program).

Here's to hoping I become a superhero!

In other notes, I have my first ever engagement ring tanline.... :)


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