Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If I had a million dollars...

I would plan the wedding of my dreams.


I would hire a wedding planner to plan the wedding of my dreams.

I would buy the most beautiful, most extravagant wedding dress in the world... something completely impractical, just because I could. Something like this...

(Image courtesy of Best for Bride)

Of course, I would also be the test subject for a ground breaking new study that would allow people to eat as much as they want of anything that they want, and not gain any weight... in fact, reduce their weight to their body's optimal weight. (And blood pressure/cholesterol and all that). So of course I would look bloody brilliant in the dress.

 My cake, of course, wouldn't be just a few sheet cakes. It would look like this:

(Local Baker Makes Cake Worth $1.3 Million)

My bridesmaids would all be wearing designer gowns...

(Dress Me New York)

Of course, they will have all received the optimal weight treatment as well, so there will be no question that they all look gorgeous in the dress.

The groom and groomsmen will all be in Armani, wearing tails rather than suits.

(Lela Luxe)
Oh, and they would all be drop dead gorgeous, of course.

The wedding itself would be in Bora Bora in the winter... all inclusive, pre-paid for all 300 guests.

(The Romantic Bora Bora Honeymoon)

The decorations would take on a modern theme, leaving guests' jaws dropping.

(Bronze Budget Bride)

The food would make every single guest orgasm a little. Each dish would be created scientifically using the guest's DNA to provide the ultimate meal experience... every guest would be eating something different - the most pleasurable food to their particular taste. (And Gilles would find something other than pizza to like!)

(Wedding Majorca)

Of course, each guest would be taking home a brand new sports car as a wedding favor (again prepaid and waiting at their homes for them)

(Sports Car Cup)

The notation that it was from our wedding wouldn't be tacky either... Our names and the date would simply be embossed under the Porshe logo on the steering wheel.

And of course, since we are already in Bora Bora for the wedding, we would have to be one step above that... So, we'd take a year off work and tour Europe. And stay in a castle in Barcelona.

(Allied Spain)

If I had a million billion dollars....


  1. I frickin loove this!! Your dream wedding is soooooo bomb!!!

  2. Wow. And thanks for visiting my blog.
    Your dream wedding is outstanding. I love the tuxedo.


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