Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Update

It has been a while since I last updated you on my "garden". 
(Click on link to see what it looked like at the end of May).

On the day of my convocation, June 2, my mom and I turned the earth, bought 8 bags of topsoil and turned it in, and planted lettuce, peas, chard, radishes and wildflowers.

Do you remember the plants that I was asking about last time? The ones that had the tiny ball-seed things? This is what they look like now:

 They look quite ugly right now, but I don't actually mind because I know what they are now - they are creeping bellflower. It is a highly invasive plant so I will have to watch it carefully, but it looks like this when it is flowering:
Also, my irises are doing quite well. They are very beautiful.Some of them are already on their second round of blooms. You can tell by the little dried up iris right beside the new bloom.
My potentilla bush looked very sad for awhile... its tips were browning, like it wasn't getting the water I was giving it. It certainly didn't look very healthy - like it was having trouble taking up root or something. It is looking a lot better now though:
The bleeding heart bush also looked sad for quite some time. I think it looks a lot better now though... I daresay even better than when I first planted it!
The fern that I showed has quadrupled in size:
A couple other plants have come up since that post, that I didn't plant.

One of the plants really perplexed me. It grew rapidly, and the shoots were red-purple in color. Eventually I realized that it is a peony plant, however. This is what it looks like now:
This plant also came up. I have no idea what it is yet. Do any of you know?
As I mentioned above, I planted some garden plants with my mom as well. So far there is no sign of the chard or wildflowers, but the peas, lettuce and radishes are coming up nicely.

 I also have a pot of geraniums in the front. I wasn't sure if they would do well there or not... they weren't blooming yet and there isn't a lot of sun under the spruce trees, but they seem to be flourishing.

Finally, the yard itself has been giving us some treats to look at!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your garden.
    I need to thin both my radishes and my turnips. I just keep sighing when i look at them.


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