Friday, April 29, 2011

It`s my birthday, I can cry if I want to...

Today has been such a weird day.

I slept in. I had a hard time getting dressed because Guen was incessently attacking my feet. The city decided to be idiots and put a bus stop right in the middle of the Clarence/College traffic clog. I got stuck behind a street sweeper. I got stuck behind a beginner semi driver. I cried when I saw Liberal supporters touting their signs…

Wait. What?

I have two stress signs. 1) I start crying at absolutely nothing. 2) I get really sick.

While I am coughing a bit, I am not very sick so I am considering myself to be within the first stress sign. And why shouldn’t I be? I have been insanely busy at work and at home.

But yesterday was good. While the workday was nuts, Darla gave me a Timmy’s gift card as a thank-you
gift, and Gilles and I had our first dance class. And this morning wasn’t that bad – I got to work only a couple minutes late, I got to wear jeans to work today… and the day got better from there – Darla got me a picture frame (and a funny card) for my birthday, and I won the VIP Parking spot for the month of May.

Tonight my mom and sister are getting up to the city, and joining Gilles and I as well as thirteen other friends at Tusq tonight! I have a groupon where I paid $30 for $60 of food and drinks that I will use, and plan to have a grand old time of it! Then tomorrow I am shopping with Mom and Kelsey – I am hoping to go to the non-mall stores. Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Reitmans, Walmart, Giant Tiger, and Zellers specifically. The more I can stretch the money I get the better!

This is Tusq, the restaurant/bar we are going to tonight. It’s classy for a change! (Not that Tusq isn’t always classy… the places we go just usually aren’t).


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