Thursday, April 21, 2011


It’s pronounced ‘gwen-i-var’. And I love him :) We call him Guen (gwen) for short.

Anyway, Guen had his first vet appointment on Tuesday, and he did really well. He didn’t like riding in the cat carrier very much on his way to the appointment, although he did calm down when my arm was hanging in the cat carrier for him to look at.

At the vet office he did really well… I had a hard time getting him to sit on my lap in the waiting room (he is so energetic at that time of day!) but luckily I had noticed that he was eating when we left the house, so I had tossed some kitten food into the little dish in the carrier. I held this little dish of food in front of him on my lap, and he sat there and ate until his appointment. Yay! In his appointment of course, he was a playful little brat. He kept sitting on the vet’s paper and trying to eat her pen while she wrote down his information. He is already 0.98kg!

A (very uncomfortable) shot later, and a long-winded attempt to take his picture for the website (I finally got a picture when he climbed on my shoulder after they left the room for a couple minutes. It isn’t up yet, but once it is, he will join the parade of animals here.

His ride back home was uneventful – he was too distracted playing with his toy mouse to even notice that we were moving. (Catnip does that to you I guess!)

Yesterday I gave him his first deworming pill, and he was a champion about it – ate it right up.
It is certainly an adventure to have the little one in the house! This morning Gilles awoke to Guen attacking his head…

Here are some more pictures for you :)


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