Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Daldrums

Wow. 6 posts in February and my first in March on the 7th. Pretty pathetic.

I have lots to talk about, but my pictures are all at home, where I never have time to blog. And I forget to bring them to work to use during my break. It’s a vicious cycle, which I hope to break soon. In the meantime, I have far from forgotten about my blog and wanted to say just that.

Foremost on my mind?

(image credit: Shanna Murray via Design Crush)

I am so over winter. Seriously? I think I would thrive in L.A. if it weren’t for the fact that everyone I love is up here.

Aside from the upcoming weekend, the longterm forecast brings hope though.

I am beyond anxious to see all this snow melt away. I planted a bunch of perennials and bulbs last fall, and am ready to see if they survived the four foot burial by snow.

Sorry Frosty, it’s time for you to go away.


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