Monday, January 10, 2011

Engagement Photos

The following weekend, (Dec. 18/19), we headed down to Assiniboia once again to get our engagement photos taken. The photographer is the sister of a friend, so I already knew some of her personality but I was very happy with how well it went. She read Gilles’ personality perfectly, and started teasing him right from the get go. He reacted well and energetically.

The pictures turned out great. We bought five prints and a disc with the pictures to print on our invitations. These are our favorites.

My 'Beauty shot'
Angled from above
Gilles' 'Beauty shot'
This one makes me feel like I'm pregnant...
Oh my!
Diagonal shot <3
Melinda did a great job, and we are looking forward to having her as our photographer. The only seam that I am seeing so far is that she is going to have a baby 2 months prior to the wedding (and thus will be rather distracted), but her sister will be there to help, so I’m hoping that it will take care of itself!


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