Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Shopping

December 21st was a Christmas shopping nightmare. We are not usually the type to leave shopping so late… (Ok cut. I am not the type. Gilles most definitely is.)… but with everything going on, it just sort of… happened.  Somehow Gilles’ friend Mitch got invited, and the Christmas shopping began. Our list looked like this:
- Regina gift exchange gift (his mom’s side of the family)
- Riverhurst gift exchange gift (his dad’s side of the family)
- Tisdale gift exchange gift (my mom’s side of the family)
- Michael (my brother)
- Kelsey (my sister)
- Brenda (my mom)
- Rick (my dad)
- Elsie (friend)
- Nolan (friend)
- Lindsay G. (friend)
- Kahleigh (friend)
- Lisa and Jared (friends – couple)
- Tynika and Josh (friends – couple)
- Cory and Mel (friends – couple)
My list:
- Riverhurst exchange
- Tisdale exchange
- Dad
- Michael
- Kelsey (again – I’ll explain).
- Lindsay
- Tynika and Josh
- Lisa and Jared
- Cory and Mel
It was a long night. I shopped with both Gilles and Mitch until he had to leave for hockey at 9:30. Then I shopped with Mitch until 12:15. After that, I had to wrap all of the gifts that we would be handing out the next day. I finally got to bed at 2:30 (for the second time that week… it makes for an extra early 6:30 morning).


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