Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sometimes I’m great at it. Other times I’m awful. I think most people are like that.

Because I have so little free time, my time is hyper-organized. Today I work until 4:30, go home and eat a bag of instant rice before running to my night class. I then sit in class until we are ‘released’ at 8:30, and then return home. I will then set up my lamp in the office, and attempt to do a little bit of organizing. Hopefully I will have time to clean the bathroom.

Tomorrow, I will again work from 7:30-4:30. I will then stop first at the bank to transfer some money into another account for rent and bills, then stop at the grocery store. I will pick up the ingredients I need for my Thanksgiving desserts, and then return home where I will spend the evening making said desserts. (Hopefully I will have time to enjoy my freshly cleaned bathtub afterward).

It goes on as such. Every day is planned so that there is room for a little flexibility, but not much. This part of my life? Is organized.

However there are other parts that are far from organized. The house still isn’t unpacked. When I return home, I dump the newest handouts from each stack onto my desk, instead of neatly placing them in my binder – because I haven’t found my three-hole-punch in the myriad of items strewn throughout the house.
And you know how I said that I was going to buy the ingredients for the desserts that I am making tomorrow? Well that is all fine and good, except I have no idea where said recipe to get an ingredient list is from…

Which then throws me off my carefully planned schedule.

But I’ve made enough lists. I’ve made so many lists they are no longer any help. The easy answer would be (Duh! Unpack and get organized). I’m working on it. But there’s a long way to go, because quite frankly, that takes TIME. Time that I don’ t have. Time that I won’t have until the new year. But boy, if the house is still full of boxes in December I’ll flip. Gah!

I guess I’ll just have to settle on doing the best I can for now. One step at a time.


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