Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And it begins.

Last night was my first night class of the semester. My first class of the semester. My last first class of probably my life.

The class is English 379 – Modernist Writing & Contexts.

Have you taken the class? Do you know anything about modernist writing? Am I going to actually enjoy this class?

I don’t know.

The first class was… incredibly dry.

Perhaps that is because none of us have actually read anything yet, so there is little to discuss.
Perhaps because introductions are typically dull.

Perhaps I’m just so tired of school.

Our first assignment is to read Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and be prepared with some analysis and suggestions for discussion by next Tuesday.

Did I mention I tried to read Heart of Darkness before? I hated it. I got about a quarter of the way through the book, gave up, and just read the explanation online.

I know. That’s not cool. You could almost say it’s cheating. (But in all fairness it’s not like I stole anyone’s ideas or plagiarized… I just chose not to write about that particular book for any assignment.)

But my point is this. This time, I think I should read it. I think I should open it up, dip in my nose, and read it. All the way from page one, to page… 121. It’s not a big book. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But… here I am.

I brought it to work in my purse today. I fully intended to read it over lunch. I was going to start. And until about 11:00, I stuck with my plan. But then at 11:00 I saw it. US! Weekly. And this was the picture on the cover:

The cover story was about these two getting married.

Yeah… I didn’t crack open Heart of Darkness.

But I promise myself– I will tonight. Because if I have to read it this weekend while we are camping, I swear I will do so kicking and screaming.


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