Thursday, July 29, 2010

We're Moving?!

Life is actually… trucking.

I am still working overtime at work, banking hours for whenever I need holidays. I am currently at 13.5 hours banked, which is pretty decent when you consider that I have taken off 16 hours this month (8 hours for a sick day, 8 hours to leave a day early for Calgary, for my cousin’s wedding) – I’ll post a few prime pictures of the wedding yet, hopefully this weekend.

I am currently in the process of switching over our addresses. A time consuming process? It is. Of course, the only way I can get it done is to do it at work, over my lunch break because few of the places are open nights. It only goes to say then that I would completely forget that I need to bring account numbers and such for reference.

Maybe I can enlist some of you frequent movers for help. I have thought up the following places that I need to submit a change of address:

- Government of Saskatchewan
- Government of Canada
-SaskTel (home)
- SaskTel Mobility (Me and G)
- Saskatoon Light & Power
- Friends / Family
- Magazine subscriptions
- Banks
- Work (Me and G)
- Previous work within a year (Me and G)
- Doctor
- Dentist
- Optometrist
- University
- Library

… Did I miss anything? Is there a big gaping hole in there where mail I’ve forgotten will go to die?
But people, we get possession Sunday. (Holy cow, we get possession Sunday!) Reality hasn’t quite kicked in. Sunday. Like, three days from now. 10am, Sunday. Wow. I’ll post pictures!


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