Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday - Take 1

Following in the footsteps of one of my favourite bloggers, I have decided to join Carole Knits’  “Ten on Tuesday” posse.

The idea is that every Tuesday she will email you a new topic. For each topic you must come up with and blog about ten things that you like about said topic. I think it is a great way to spread out some positive energy.

Anyway, today’s topic is Ten Ways to Celebrate Summer.

(By the way – these pictures aren’t mine, I just thought it would look way cooler with a photo collage :D )

10 Ways to Celebrate Summer

1. Camping – Can’t. Wait. Soon! I get to finally go tenting on the 16th!

2. Sunbathing – I loove to stretch out like a cat in the sun with a good book.

3. Attending festivals – Jazzfest, Summer Solstice, Taste of Saskatchewan, Folkfest…. (Hey look! My sister is in the picture of people dancing at Solstice! Cool!)

4. Barbequeing – Nothing says summer like freshly barbequed steak, vegetable shish-kabobs, and corn on the cob.

5. Swimming – I used to be a lifeguard, what can I say?

6. Walk along the river – I like to get out at least every second night if not every night to walk around the
river. It gets me some exercise and some one-on-one time with my sweetie.

7. Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan (Okay, so this year will be my first year going, but I have been going to plays like they are going out of style lately)

8. Garden – My little parking lot garden has become almost an obsession this year. Whoulda thunk I’d be sitting on the concrete pulling little tiny weeds out of potted plants?

9. Picnics – I love to go down to the riverside and cook hamburgers on their public grill. My only regret on this front however is that you have to buy wood at the 7-11 and haul it down there… it would be nice to have a site nearby to buy wood and support the city at the same time.

10. Fresh fruit and vegetables! – I absolutely love eating the fruit and vegetables from my parents and grandparents farms as it comes into season. I visit in the summer, help out in the garden a bit, and get sent home with bags and bags of produce!
Hmm… I noticed that many of these are food-related. Perchance I am hungry??


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