Thursday, June 17, 2010

Registration Day

Ahh yes. The day that every self-minded student loathes.

Every year is bad. You start by submitting a Student Plan to the head office of your college in January. They then mail out to you and give you permission (Or don’t give you permission) for the classes you wish to take. You then have to take that, and turn this into a schedule that is both possible (ie/ can’t take two classes at the same time), and manageable (ie/ I like to take all five classes in one day Tuesdays and Thursdays and then take M/W/F off, but many people can’t handle the 8 hours straight of class that this requires).

There are three problems standing in your way still:

- most of the classes require pre-requisites
- you have a very specific course outline for your degree that you must follow for the classes to count
- many of the courses are only one day of the week, at one time, during one semester.

Once you have managed to figure out what your schedule will be like, you must start the waiting game.
I don’t know if the experience is the same for everyone, but I’m a worrier. I worry about whether or not I will get into the classes (when you are in a smaller college most classes only have about 40 seats), I worry about whether I will get the schedule or not, and so on. These things are both very important to me – as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am paying my way through school by working my way through rather than taking out a loan. If my schedule is completely convoluted, it becomes very difficult to find a job.

To make matters worse, the university has four release days for classes – one for each “year” in the program.
Thus, they open the doors for registration at the exact same time, for a large number of people in the year you are in. Thousands of people. Unsurprisingly, this causes the server to crash. So there you are, sitting at your computer, praying to get into your classes, and the computer is blinking a message at you saying the site does not exist or is temporarily down for maintenance.

This year was different then most. In the fall, the time that I was registering for, I will only need two more classes to complete my degree. Thus, instead of trying to get 5 classes into the system, all of which I need equally as much, I had one class that I really, really needed, and one that I could sub in about 10 different classes to make it work.

My prerequisites for this year were as follows:
- Get the last commerce class I need to get my degree
- Get into a senior level elective so I can finish my degree
- Have only night classes so that I can work full-time  in the fall.

You’d think that this wouldn’t be too bad.

Last night, I broke down and started crying. This topic has been on my mind since the last day of April, when I decided that I would take summer classes, so that I would only have a couple classes lef t in the fall, so that I could continue to work full-time, so I could move out of my crap-shack.

Yeah, I understand that by getting such high expectations I could be setting myself up for disaster. But I really have my heart set on moving, because:

A) Gilles goes back to Moose Jaw for school again in the fall, and I don’t know that I can handle two months in that apartment without him. I don’t feel safe there. Ever since our apartment window got smashed in December, I have had a hard time feeling safe — but that’s for another post.

B) We have two sets of furniture jammed into a one-bedroom apartment. I do not joke when I say that I have literally pushed something up against every inch of wallspace, whether it be one of our two couches, one of our two rocking chairs, our three bookshelves, our entertainment centre, etc.

C) We are always visiting people. Whether that means us visiting them, or them staying in our apartment. However, due to the fact that it is a jam-packed one-bedroom apartment, someone doesn’t get a bed. We would really like to be able to provide a bed for our visitors.

D) I am tired of having to “creatively” store my stuff. For example, my sewing machine is balanced on top of Gilles’ player equipment, on the top shelf of our pantry. Example 2: my puzzles have taken up residence behind the couch. I cannot wait for the day that everything has its place, and thus, our apartment can stay clean longer than, oh I don’t know… an hour?

Anyway, today went well.

Yes, the server crashed again just as I was about to register.

But, instead of taking 3 hours, 3 days, or even 3 weeks, the site was back up in about 5 minutes.

Yes, I was sitting there refreshing and clicking and praying the whole time.

Yes, I got into both of my classes!

My (school) schedule in the fall is as follows:
Monday: Business Policy from 7-9:50pm
Tuesday: Modernist Writings and Contexts (English) from 6-8:20pm.
I am excstatic. (Okay I have no idea how to spell that word).

This means that I can start applying for jobs now, which means I can start interviewing for jobs, which means maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a job, which means I can start looking for a new place to live, which means I can move!

All thanks to registration day. Yay!


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