Monday, June 28, 2010

Hey, she forgot something?

Are you wondering how the Waterfront Craft Art Festival went?

I actually only spent about an hour and a half there, but was glad that I went all-the-same.

River Landing Spraypark
It was a really hot day, and the spray-park was full of kids playing. I spent the morning out garage-saleing and was out til about 3pm – and yes, I ended up with a sunburn (oops!)

These beautiful works are by Charley Farrero. He is a ceramic artist, and is also the person responsible for the “boats” at River Landing.

Carved Bronze
This piece was really neat. This is from the gallery of  Tom Schultz. They tried to explain to me how it was made, but it completely went over my head. All I can tell you is that it is sculpted bronze, and the bigger pieces are worth thousands of dollars.

I wish I could tell you who made these pendants, but I honestly have no idea. I took a picture of them because I felt that it may inspire me in some of my jewellery making (although I don’t make my own beads).

Crazy Dog
This one is neat. It is by Jim Nodge, out of Craik. He had a whole bunch of sculptures made by random, every day metals things. The lady behind the counter (his wife) talked some about how she sometimes comes in second to his work for importance in his life. I think this was the most talked about table at the event.

Finally, this table is full of homemade silver rings. I bought one myself actually, it has three bands and is tied in a knot. I absolutely love it. It is amazing some of the work that these guys do. (Again, I don’t know who the maker of these rings was – sorry!)

Did you know that I also figured out how to downsize my pictures a bit! Now my blog will have enough room for me to write longer than a few months! If you notice old posts being edited, that is why. I have too many large pictures on here taking up too much space.

Also — my Women’s and Gender Studies final is tonight, so wish me luck!!


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